Alabama Music Hall of Fame inductees

updated over 9 years ago

“The Alabama Music Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor musicians, primarily natives of Alabama, whose artistry has earned acclaim throughout the United States, all the while representing the great State of Alabama. The Alabama Music Hall of Fame also exists to encourage, enhance, and reward the educational growth of musicians, both young and old. As a State Agency, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame features a museum of renown in which archival materials and memorable treasures are preserved and presented, attracting visitors from all over the world, along with programs, with partnerships, that are enriching and educational. Such presentations are to reflect the proud cultures and legacies of the State of Alabama.”

Not in
Joe L. Frank (booking agent)
J.T. "Fess" Whatley (trumpet player, band leader, music educator)

Stewart Harris (composer, songwriter, producer, publisher). There are 3 in the database as of this writing, but none can be confirmed: