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David Blue -

Christian Marclay -


Andrew York - Centerpeace (2010) (5/5)

  1. Various - 10+2: 12 American Text Sound Pieces

    Fav. Track – John Cage 62 Mesostics Re Merce Cunningham

  2. Abner Jay - Terrible Comedy Blues

    Erwin chusid had featured the song "I wanna job" on his album "Song in the Key of Z" so that was the first introduction I had with this album. The real introduction I had with this album was when Courtney Barnett put this on her Pitchfork playlist.

    Fav. Track - I'm So Depressed


  3. Abner Jay - The Backbone Of America Is A Mule And Cotton

    Not a bad album. I usually find that what can be categorized most as "outsider music" is the songs in which he is narrating. This album may not feature his hit "I'm so depressed" but features his best in terms of playability and singing.

    Fav. Track - The Backbone Of America Is A Mule And Cotton


  4. Abner Jay - Last Ole Ministrel Man

    2 For Sale from $30.00

    I usually try to keep an open mind when listening to music, so if this album doesn't seem that good to other people I can understand why.

    Fav. Track - My Middle Name Is The Blues


  5. Ahmad Jamal - Jamal At The Penthouse

    This album seems to be the most personal to me because it was recorded in Seattle at the old Penthouse club in Pioneer Square.

    Fav. Track - Ahmad's Blues


  6. Aisha Duo - Quiet Songs - Music For Mallets, Frame Drums & Cello

    3 For Sale from $10.11

    First heard this growing up when “Amanda” was sampled as music for the Windows XP.