Albums taken from my Father

By AmimanPL AmimanPL
updated 3 months ago

Taken from my Father's monstrous LP collection (mostly Polish music)

  1. Depeche Mode - Stripped (Highland Mix)

    12 For Sale from $10.09

    The only one Polish DM single (released as 7" & 12").

  2. Depeche Mode - Black Celebration

    7 For Sale from $17.05

    The only one DM album issued in Poland (as LP). Whoever browse my collection can find two DM albums issued on CD (but not on Tonpress or Muza related labels).

  3. Klaus Schulze & Rainer Bloss - Dziękuję Poland Live '83

    44 For Sale from $3.41

    "Partially taken". My Father's copy is incomplete (without one LP) so I had to buy a second one. Thanks Klaus (yes, it's a religion! xD) it was cheap.

  4. Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

    29 For Sale from $2.18

    PF CD that I have took. And I'm proud of it! I love "Learning to fly" & "The dogs of war".

  5. Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon

    8 For Sale from $15.05

    Shame it came out soooo late (original release: 1973, in Poland: 1988). One of the albums YOU HAVE TO KNOW! I used this one to test my gramophone timing (was too fast - rather unhearable difference, around 2 minutes on whole album, comparing to mp3s found on the net. It was before I bought the SACD remaster).

  6. Tangerine Dream - Warsaw In The Sun

    17 For Sale from $3.40

    Tangerine Dreaming since 2009 or 2008! xD Still remember the bargain when I've paid 50 PLN for Electronic Meditation and Atem. If I remembere, these two were my first bought TD CDs. I like the first since when I heard it for first time...

  7. Tangerine Dream - Poland (The Warsaw Concert)

    24 For Sale from $7.94

    "Live" album. I'm the true TD fan of Poland - own a polish copy of "Poland" xD. Still HAVE to buy the newest reissue. Through polish pressings have worse quality than the Western ones, this one sounds (on my grammophone) awesomely.

  8. The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

    3 For Sale from $7.59

    Russian vinyl

  9. The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

    6 For Sale from $5.68

    1987 CD, made from mono master.

  10. The Beatles - Love Songs

    19 For Sale from $5.11

    I was searching for the Beatles 2x7" EP (Tonpress) and my father has found that one. Yay! ;)

  11. Wadim Brodski* - Beatles Symphony

    13 For Sale from $1.14

    I was searching for the Beatles 2x7" EP (Tonpress) and my father has found that one. Yay! ;)

  12. John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band* - Imagine

    Probably the only one item with Plastic Ono Band credited on the cover?

  13. The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - Words Of Love

    4 For Sale from $12.00

    I also have got Sgt. Pepper's as original CD.