All Time Favorites

By ArtyGZ ArtyGZ
updated 22 days ago

My favorite albums so far, in random order. The only condition is that all the records in this list either are in my collection or will be at some point.

  1. Sound Foundation (2) - Sound Foundation

    5 For Sale from $34.99

    Soul, hard rock and funk mixed together!

  2. Yusef Lateef - Eastern Sounds

    1 For Sale from $35.00

    Classic Modal jazz, yet so powerful especially "love theme from Spartacus".

  3. Lex (de Kalhex) - Full Cycle

    2 For Sale from $65.91

    The best instrumental Hip-Hop album i've ever listened to, period.

  4. Black Sabbath - Paranoid

    Timeless Hard-Rock classic!

  5. Azymuth - Light As A Feather

    6 For Sale from $22.61

    Funk and Bossa-Nova inspirations... somehow makes me think of the funky part of "Shine on you crazy diamond" by Pink Floyd.

  6. А. Вапиров* - Мистерия

    7 For Sale from $22.73

    An incredible jazz trip.

  7. Aim - Pacific North West EP

    6 For Sale from $6.82

    This here got me into hip-hop.

  8. The Crusaders - Chain Reaction

    3 For Sale from $7.79

    Hallucinate and Chain Reaction are just mind blowing.

  9. Masayoshi Takanaka - An Insatiable High

    11 For Sale from $28.00

    Are you feeling sad? Listen to this!

  10. Nelson Riddle - Changing Colors

    11 For Sale from $7.00

    Feels like you're in a 1960s spy movie.

  11. Kalhex Feat. Grap Luva & Rob-O* - Perspective(s) / La Fine Ligne

    7 For Sale from $13.64

    Classic underground french hip-hop!

  12. Jean-Luc Ponty - Cosmic Messenger

    90 For Sale from $1.80

    The intro on this is out of this world.

  13. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

    6 For Sale from $19.26

    Ultimate music culture 101 right here, everything about this is good. Atleast that's how i see it: i grew up with this in my headphones...

  14. Bennie Maupin - Slow Traffic To The Right

    4 For Sale from $35.99

    The personnel on this and the talent combined equals this!

  15. Cortex (6) - Troupeau Bleu

    29 For Sale from $19.31

    Legendary french funk / bossa-nova, love all the songs.

  16. Lex (de Kalhex) - Perfect Picture

    3 For Sale from $45.45

    Another old school instrumental Hip-Hop album on the list by Lex with a modern twist on it!
    This is his debut solo album.

  17. Shurik'n - Où Je Vis

    19 For Sale from $32.95

    classic from Mars'!

  18. Marc Moulin - Placebo Years

    14 For Sale from $22.72

    Not only this compilation, all of their work is incredibly good.

  19. Pete Flux & Parental - Traveling Thought

    3 For Sale from $61.36

    Trippy Hip-Hop? Hell yeah.

  20. Billy Cobham - Crosswinds

    16 For Sale from $7.00

    Heather is recorded so quietly you need a mint copy to enjoy it sadly but other than that, masterpiece.