Already widely respected, and yet my favourites :)

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updated 2 months ago

Great album, but you already know it - or not?

  1. Talking Heads - Remain In Light

    Yes, I know the guys have some other great albums. But this one is exceptional, so I'll keep adding it to every one of these lists ;)
    Produced by Brian Eno.

  2. The Residents - The Third Reich 'N' Roll

    That's artistic expression's one of true meanings. I love methodology and it's application here alike. This is perfect in every important aspect - as a piece of art and as a product. And I mean art in quite a broad sense.

  3. U2 - The Joshua Tree

    Brian Eno took a good band and produced another perfect piece of work.

  4. Killing Joke - Killing Joke

    Nobody sounded that good at that time. Even the band couldn't reach such a peak again.
    (Brian Eno was on the same label back then (radiation??)

  5. Malcolm McLaren - Duck Rock

    I didn't like McLaren, but respect his "hand" to the right people. Let's forget it's firmed by Malcolm McLaren, it is fantastic, timeless music.

  6. Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden

    Happy it is recognized and respected, Talk Talk deserve it.

  7. Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

    Well, this one too.

  8. Helmet (2) - Meantime

    Peak of the formula (well, the music is beyond existing genres, but if you call it noise rock, then it's noise rock's peak). Good as German engineering at it's best in the middle of XXth century. Nice that many people still appreciate it.

  9. Roxy Music - Avalon

    Imagine how perfect it could be if produced by Brian Eno...

  10. Sufjan Stevens - Illinois

    It's so great I vary if I should put this album also in my opposite list - most underrated gems...