Amen, Brother Tracks 1988-1991

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Apologies to Stuck_In_1992 for hi-jacking their thread in the first place :) Thought I'd try and contain all these tracks on one list.

This selection tries to name as many tracks which feature the now very well known Amen, Brother break during the rave scene's formative, vibrant and highly experimental years between 1988-1991. It all went ballistic during 1992 and 1993 when at least a third of the UK's hardcore, jungle and early drum n bass scenes incorporated this particular sound. The Netherlands, Germany and several other European scenes further borrowed it and twisted it into their own gabber, hardcore, hardcore techno, darkcore, terrorcore, speedcore and breakcore those following years.

I suspect the list would literally be inexhaustible if we factored every release since 1992. I've extended the timeline backwards by a couple of years to 1988 from the original thread to include mega classics which made us aware of this now legendary break, second hand. Without many of us actually knowing where it was originally sourced from.

Namely two releases Mantronix - King Of The Beats, 1988 and Success - N - Effect - Roll It Up (Remix) (Bass Kickin Beats), 1989.

Therefore, will try to include as many releases which hadn't actually developed into jungle or drum n bass yet and where the break was used in hip hop, house music, hip-house, breakbeat, downtempo, breaks/dj tools etc, acid house, freestyle, miami bass, electro, techno, and very early hardcore.

The thread this list was inspired from is below and was originally started by Old Skool Lovers Group veteran and major Old Skool enthusiast Stuck_In_1992

Amen Break tunes from 1990-1991

  1. Obertron - Insanity

    Insanity (Long Range Mix)

  2. Altern 8 - Frequency / Give It To Baby

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    Give It To Baby (Electr-8 Mix)

  3. P&C1 - Kiss The Ground

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    (DUB 1)

  4. R.J.'s Rule - On The Arsenal

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    Kinectic Flight

  5. Techno Grooves - Mach 3

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    Drop That Bassline

  6. Warp Factor 3 - Jammin' Soul / Rhythm Will Make You Move

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    Rhythm Will Make You Move (New York Mix)

  7. M.B. - Feel The Heat

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    Feel The Heat (Rave Mix)