Amiga music

By Ronaldvd
updated 9 months ago

Music releases with music based on Commodore Amiga video game and demo scene tunes, as well as some promotional music.

This list includes the "Immortal" album-series which contain video game music which is newly arranged, in many cases by the original composers.
Official Immortal website:

Also see the list of CDTV games with digital audio tracks.

  1. 1 For Sale from $15.57

    Power Game Hits - Combined Commodore 64 and Amiga game music

  2. Give it a Try - Combined Atari ST and Amiga game music

  3. Includes music from the Amiga games Alpha Waves, Disc, Celtic Legends, Hunter, Midwinter II - Flames Of Freedom.

  4. Soundtrack of the Amiga game Apidya

  5. 3 For Sale from $36.13

    Soundtrack of the Amiga Turrican game series

  6. Soundtrack of the Amiga / CD32 game Alien Breed 3D

  7. Soundtrack of the 2001 Amiga game Land of Genesis

  8. 5 For Sale from $12.50

    Sounds Digital

  9. 1 For Sale from $36.13

    Amiga game music album by Allister Brimble

  10. Best of the Amiga Scene

  11. Original game music recordings of the game trilogy Shadow of the Beast

  12. 1 For Sale from $27.55

    Immortal 1

  13. Techno remixes of music from various Amiga games

  14. 6 For Sale from $9.37

    Compilation of remixes, remakes and remasters of Amiga music

  15. 8 For Sale from $13.02

    Dance remixes of Amiga game music

  16. Rock performances of Amiga game music

  17. Commodore 64, Amiga and iPhone versions of the R-Type theme

  18. Includes the soundtrack of the Amiga game Gem'x

  19. Includes the music from the Amiga version of Another World