Anthems I wish had never existed...

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These are the popular, cheesiest sounding rave / dance anthems which I've either never liked or I've become totally sick of due to them being overplayed. Mostly the former though.

P.S. I've exaggerated my dislike of some for effect and the tongue n cheek / devil's advocate factor. Everyone has different tastes, mine possibly more limited than others. I've come to that age now where I don't give a flying cobbler's and feel there isn't a need to be polite anymore. This is extremely self-indulgent but it's ever so cathartic :)

  1. Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy

    This one tops the lot for the most irritating, cheesiest, cringiest, most overplayed anthems ever. Admittedly I like the drop which reminds me of Timebase - Fireball. But that's it. Not enough for me NOT to hate it.

    All the remixes are crap aswell. From the chipmunked jungle versions to the handbag to the UK gar(b)age. There's probably a crappy dubstep, grime, crunk, trap, bounce, ghetto, RnB, "electro"house, melodyne, autotune or hands in the air pop trance ibiza mix by now aswell...

  2. The Awesome 3* - Don't Go / Headstrong

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    Don't Go

    (Headstrong on the flip isn't half bad though).

  3. Awesome 3 - Don't Go

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    Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix)

    This one's even worse than the original! Yuk :(

  4. Urban Shakedown Featuring Micky Finn - Some Justice / Ruff Justice

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    Some Justice

    Hey.. I love the Run's House breaks and the bass on this record... BUT it's been severely overplayed, vastly overrated and the eternally shite 'Someday' vocal breakdown is the absolute pits.

    Always preferred the flipside Ruff Justice. The Concrete Jungle Mix is even worse as it contains more of the vocal and more chipmunks which I hate.

  5. Urban Shakedown Featuring Micky Finn - Some Justice

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    Some Justice (Concrete Jungle Mix)

    Even worse than the original. More vocals, annoying chipmunks.

  6. Urban Shakedown - Bass Shake

    Piano chipmunk cheese. Say no more!

  7. Acen - Trip II The Moon (Kaleidoscopiklimax)

    This one is the worst version of all the Trip To The Moons. 100% pure cheese.

  8. Ramirez & Pizarro - ¡Hablando!

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    This one has to go in.

    Overplayed and vastly overrated. More vast than the pacific.

  9. Rotterdam Termination Source - Poing

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    Ridiculously crap. Big up to all those pogo stick numpties.

  10. FPI Project - Rich In Paradise

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    Fingers down the throat. Goes on forever. One of the most overplayed anthems there is. Walked off when this came on at the clubs.

  11. Black Box - Ride On Time

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    Fucking disgusting. Hated that high pitched shrill then, hate it even more so now. And that piano is so grating.

  12. Nookie - Return Of Nookie

    Big with the masses. Pure chipmunks. Cheesy as hell. Overplayed.

    The worst combination in a hardcore track for me are speeded up shrill, chipmunk vocals, tinny skittery beats, overtly happy pianos and jungleistic chipmunked rudebwoy, yardie chants and motifs. This contains the bloody lot!

    To my two sisters that worshipped this crap?? If you ever get to read this. You've always both had the cheesiest, tackiest taste in music :P

  13. Orca - 4AM

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    Biggest load of tosh ever. Sampling the horrid crap vocal and piano of a crap pop tune.

    Tacky, cheesy, female vocal chipmunks. For the nine year old massive.

  14. Felix - Don't You Want Me

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    Poppy prog house cheese. Fingers down the gullet yet again. Handbags at dawn.

  15. 2 Bad Mice - Hold It Down

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    Hold It Down

    More overplayed 100% cheese. Seems obligatory by all old school DJs to play this. Think of something a bit more original to play for fux aches!

  16. M-Beat Featuring General Levy - Incredible

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    Biggest load of crap ever. Possibly spoiled any if a very few good memories I had of 1994!

  17. Leviticus - Burial

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    OMG more 100% cheese. Not sure if I dislike this more than M Beat's incredible. Both up there anyway.

  18. Break Machine - Break Dance Party

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    One of the worst '80s pop-dance-electro tracks of all time. I very rarely throw up, but get that feeling every time this comes on.

  19. Break Machine - Street Dance

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    ^As above. If not more so.

  20. Aly-Us - Follow Me

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    I'm not even going to explain why... Eurgh!

  21. The Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea

    8 For Sale from $35.71

    Hmmm. Sorry, but this has to go in for me.

    A number of reasons:

    1) It was and still is very overplayed.
    2) Overhyped, overrated.
    3) I personally think they've produced much better, more revolutionary records.
    4) I much prefer their harder, more extreme stuff.
    5) Never was that enamoured with it in the first place.
    6) Not keen with the vocal sample.
    7) Perhaps I'm too narrow minded. Who cares!
    8) Many seem to think this is the best thing FSOL did. They are evidently wrong.
    9) I think the main reason is point no.1.

  22. Blue Pearl - Naked In The Rain

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    Cringed every time this came on. The vocal also quite 'blokey' which is a turn off.

  23. Italian Boy Featuring D.J. Atomico "Herbie"* - Atomic House

    Garish, northern piano house anthem. Not for me at all.

  24. Bump - I'm Rushing

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    More cheesy organ piano driven prog house dirge which was big up norf.

  25. New Atlantic - I Know

    I Know

    Yes, I know you know that I think this is shite.