Artists I Collect

By f.dum f.dum
updated 3 months ago

Artists of whom I consider myself a collector. At least a span of three great albums that I want to have in good (i.e., VG+) media and decent (i.e., G+) cover quality.

  1. Bo Diddley

    One of the greatest ever! Built his own effects, guitar, was the first one to include women as musicians (not background vocals eye candy) in his band, invented his own beat, and even did some pottery. Love him!

  2. Nina Simone

    Her singing is pure emotion, her piano playing is unique and powerful and (of course) classically trained, and her life was a wreck.

  3. Simple Minds

    They have a consistently interesting discography from 1979 to about, erm, let's say 1989 with many highlights and no real low points.

  4. Marillion

    Everything from the Fish era is great, everything else is... well... not as great. Strangely, Fish without the band wasn't much either, though apart from one crappy live double CD, I don't know his later work too well.

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