Artists I Have Seen Live worth seeing

By Playcool Playcool
updated over 4 years ago

  1. Total Eclipse

    best live i have ever seen

  2. Eat Static

    absolutely fucking amazing live

  3. X-Dream

    also absolutely fucking amazing live

  4. 7



    3 Hour Live set year 2000 in denmark

  5. Transwave

    saw them live 1996 way before they became embarassing and absolutely shit.................

  6. 10


  7. Green Nuns Of The Revolution

    Ozora 2011 epic set

  8. Tsuyoshi Suzuki

    1997 4 hour dj set while Nick Taylor was feeding him DAT tapes the set was good when Nick Taylor wasnt there the set was bad

  9. Joti Sidhu

    2002 DJ set a really good dj set

  10. Ofer Dikovsky

    1998 over 8 hours dj set from DAT the best dj i have ever seen

  11. Serge Souque

    also on of the best dj i have ever seen