Artists I like!

By Louka000
updated about 1 year ago

  1. My favorite tracks: Around the World, High Life, High Fidelity

  2. My favorite tracks: The End of Biters, Half of What, Oceans into Lakes, Hide Ya Face (reminder), Blooming, Storm Returns, Perverted Undertone, I Knew You Were Gonna Go, Why I Love You

  3. My favorite tracks: Hey Boy Hey Girl, The Darkness That You Fear

  4. My favorite tracks: Believer, Radioactive

  5. My favorite tracks: Del Monte, Warm Blanket, Piano Chops

  6. 6

    My favorite tracks: BohemianRhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust

  7. My favorite tracks: Tinker Tailor, Creep

  8. My favorite tracks: Cassius 1999, La Mouche (DJ Falcon Metal Mix), I <3 U SO, Toop Toop

  9. Favorite tracks: Them Changes

  10. Favorite tracks: Bae City Rollaz

  11. Favorite tracks: Something Just Like This, The Scientist, Viva la Vida

  12. Favorite tracks: Rock On

  13. 13

    Favorite tracks: Dntwrry, Easylike

  14. Favorite tracks: Flat Beat, The End of the World, Cut Dick

  15. 15

    Favorite tracks: Genie, Rainbow Man

  16. My favorite tracks: Buttercup, Al Dente

  17. Favorite tracks: Lone Digger, Wonderland, Suzy, Jolie Coquine, Comics

  18. Favorite tracks: Barbra Streisand

  19. 19

    Favorite tracks: Wake Me Up

  20. Favorite tracks: Cish Cash, Where's Your Head At

  21. 21

    Favorite tracks: Smells Like Teen Spirit

  22. Favorite tracks: D.A.N.C.E., Stress, We Are Your Friends, DVNO

  23. My favorite tracks: Hot Milk

  24. Favorite tracks: Golden Cage

  25. Favorite tracks: Roygbiv, Dayvan Cowboy