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The Bands here listed are part of my music collection, and my life soundtrack
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  1. Southern California punk rock band formed in 1991. The band disbanded in Fall 2003 after 12 years and six albums. As of 2008, the band has reformed., MySpace

  2. Punk/Rock band formed in 1980 in San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles, CA, US by Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley.,, MySpace

  3. Formed in 1988 by vocalist Jim Lindberg, guitarist Fletcher Dragge, bassist Jason Thirsk and drummer Byron McMackin, Pennywise linked with Epitaph Records for their eponymous 1991 debut. A middle finger directed at the grunge movement of the time, the group helped to define the emerging West Coast punk scene.

    While on hiatus from the group, Jason Thirsk died on July 29, 1996 and the bass role was permanently taken over by Randy Bradbury. On August 21, 2009, Jim Lindberg announced his departure from the group. On February 16, 2010, Zoli Teglas, formerly of Ignite, was announced as Lindberg's permanent replacement.

    Fletcher Dragge (Guitar, 1988-present)
    Randy Bradbury (Bass, 1995-present)
    Byron McMackin (Drums, 1988-present)
    Zoli Teglas (Vocals, 2010-present)

    Former members:
    Jason Thirsk (Bass, 1988-1995)
    Dave Quackenbush (Vocals, 1992)
    Jim Lindberg (Vocals, 1988-2009), MySpace

  4. Real Name:Ann Robie Bandes
    Profile:Chanteuse/lyricist, multi-media artist and post-modern cabaret queen with a long, illustrious and eclectic recording career. Born in New York with no intention of a career in the arts, she pursued numerous jobs, criss-crossed the continent, and generally earned her poetic license until she found herself on stage at the legendary ‘Max’s Kansas City’, fronting the atonal, savage dance-rthymed Asexuals at the sneak-in-the-back-door age of 16. After meeting Steve Ignorant from the band Crass on her doorstep a year later, she visited the United Kingdom for 2 weeks and stayed for over a decade. Through the years and numerous collaborations (Wolfgang Press, Crass, the ON-U Sound stable, Kid Congo Powers, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, the late Bim Sherman, Coil, Fini Tribe, Collapsed Lung, and many fine others) she refused to be restricted by labels and genres and continues to span the spectrum from jazz, reggae & hip-hop to torch and avant-garde.
    Sites: MySpace,
    Aliases:Little Annie
    In Groups:Annie Anxiety And The Asexuals

  5. London punk group with wider musical horizons than most, who championed and recorded dub alongside a variety of other styles. The classic line-up comprised Joe Strummer ( vocals / guitar, b. John Graham Mellor August 21, 1952 Ankara, Turkey d. Dec 22, 2002 Broomfield, Somerset, England), Paul Simonon (bass, b.December 15, 1955), Mick Jones (guitar, b. June 26, 1955) and Nicky "Topper" Headon (drums, b.May 30, 1955).

    Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2003 (Performer)., MySpace,,
    Members:John Mellor, Keith Levene, Mick Jones, Nick Sheppard, Paul Simonon, Pete Howard, Terry Chimes, Topper Headon, Vince White

  6. Feb 1976
    Pete Shelley real name Peter McNeish (born 1955), Howard Devoto real name Howard Trafford (born 1952). They decide to start a band and chance upon a headline: "It's The Buzz, Cock!"

    Apr 1, 1976
    Pete Shelley - guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Garth Davies (Smith) - bass, Mick Singleton - drums. Notes: One gig. No released recordings.

    Jul 20, 1976 - Feb 1977
    Pete Shelley - Starway guitar, Howard Devoto - vocals, Steve Diggle (born 1956) - bass, John Maher - drums

    Mar 11, 1977 - Oct 7, 1977
    Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar
    John Maher - drums, Garth Smith - bass

    Nov 1977
    Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, John Maher - drums, Barry Adamson (on loan from MAGAZINE) - bass
    Barry Adamson filled in on bass while they held auditions for a permanent bassist. This lineup played 6 dates in November to complete a tour. No released recordings.

    Nov 1977 - Mar 6, 1981, (reformed) 1989, (reformed again) Jan 29 - Feb 18, 1992
    Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, keyboards, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals, John Maher - drums, Steve Garvey (born 1958) - bass
    The reformed group toured, but released no studio recordings. In 1992 they performed 11 gigs in Europe. There were no studio recordings.

    Jan 31, 1990 - Dec 22, 1991
    Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals
    Steve Garvey - bass, Mike Joyce (ex VICTIM, ex SMITHS) - drums

    Apr 21 - May 7, 1992
    Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals, Steve Garvey - bass, Steve Gibson (ex ICICLE WORKS) - drums. Ten gig tour in Australia and New Zealand. No released recordings.

    Aug 25, 1992 - Apr 21, 2006
    Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals
    Tony Barber - bass, Phil Barker - drums

    Apr 21, 2006 - ???
    Pete Shelley - guitar, vocals, Steve Diggle - guitar, vocals
    Tony Barber - bass, Danny Farrant - drums, MySpace,

  7. Descendents were formed in 1977 as an acoustic duo by Frank Navetta, and David Nolte. Bill Stevenson soon hooked up with the duo as their drummer. At the end of 1977, Nolte became bass player for the Last, The and that group took precendent over David's commitment to to the Descendents, so he was replaced by Tony Lombardo, although David stuck around briefly to sing with the band. Their first release (as a trio at the time with Navetta and Lombardo handling vocals) was the Ride The Wild / It's A Hectic World 7" in the style of melodic garage pop.
    In 1980 they enlisted Stevenson's old school friend Milo Aukerman as a singer, and reappeared as a 'proper' punk band, becoming a major player in the hardcore scene developing in Los Angeles at the time.
    Their debut album the following year, Milo Goes To College, introduced an element of melody and sensitivity that set them apart from most other hardcore bands and Stevenson's songs in particular were to greatly influence the melodic punk-pop bands of the 1990s with themes of love and loss and alienation (themes far less common in the punk scene at the time).
    The band temporarily split when Milo actually went to college, to embark on an education that would take him as far as a doctorate in biochemistry. In this time Bill Stevenson became the drummer with fellow hardcore punks Black Flag. The band did not record again until 1985 with the album I Don't Want To Grow Up. This was much more sensitive than Milo..., despite silly songs such as "Pervert" and "No F.B".
    The band's lineup changed during the recording of I Don't Want to Grow Up. Navetta left the band during the recording to become a fisherman in Oregon, and Lombardo left after the recording as touring was incompatible with his career as a postal carrier. Ray Cooper replaced Navetta on guitar and Doug Carrion replaced Lombardo on bass.
    Their next album, Enjoy! (released in 1986) was not well received by critics, but fans liked it. It was a mix of more 'silly' songs (The last track on the album involving band members farting into microphones and laughing).
    After the Enjoy! tour, Ray Cooper got a job working in the emerging software scene and Doug Carrion left for other projects, eventually ending up in Dag Nasty. Stevenson invited Stephen Egerton and Karl Alvarez of Salt Lake City's Massacre Guys to replace them, and the now permanent lineup of the Descendents was in place.
    The group released the album All in 1987, which, despite "Van", "ALL-O-Gistics" and the one-second "ALL", was the Descendents most mature 1980s album, and featured emotional songs such as "Coolidge", "Cameage" and "Clean Sheets".
    With the release of ALL, the Descendents introduced to the world the driving concept behind their career's work, from which the album derives its title, the philosophy of ALL which they define quite conventionally as "the total extent." The idea of ALL as a concept beyond this conventional definition is one of endless self improvement. "The total extent" is an all-encompassing greatness, the pursuit of which is endless and impossible, but which is also the source of all real happiness.
    Milo left again in 1987 and the remaining Descendents reformed with singer Dave Smalley and reformed under the name All and continued the legacy until 1996, when the Descendents reformed again with Milo Aukerman, now a full-time research biochemist, to record and tour in support of the album Everything Sucks.
    In 2004 the band released the 'Merican EP and their newest full length Cool To Be You, which is among their more emotional releases to date.
    The future of the Descendents is uncertain, as the members now are scattered all across the U.S. Stevenson currently runs The Blasting Room recording studio in Fort Collins while Egerton hones his recording chops at Armstrong Recording Studio in Tulsa. Meanwhile, All remains dormant with two albums left on the back burners as works in progress. Bill Stevenson is drumming for his new band, Only Crime as well as an outing with bassist Alvarez in Evan Dando's Lemonheads. Both Karl Alvarez and Bill Stevenson, along with Evan Dando, are currently recording and touring as The Lemonheads., MySpace

  8. Farin Urlaub (born October 27th, 1963): vocals, guitar
    Bela B. (born December 14th, 1962): vocals, drums
    Rod (born May 19th, 1968) (from 1993): bass, vocals, guitar

    former band members were:

    Sahnie (born June 12th,1962 as Hans Runge) (from the beginning to October 1986): bass, vocals
    The Incredible Hagen (born February 18th, 1961 as Hagen Liebing) (from October 1986 until temporary split-up in 1988): bass, backing vocals,,

  9. Corrosion of Conformity started in June of 1982 as a US hardcore punk act who expanded their sound and incorporated thrash metal for their groundbreaking 1984 release "Animosity". "Animosity went on to become one of the first metal/punk crossover records. COC sound evolved further in the 1990s, journeying into a more stoner and southern inspired metal direction. COC are still actively touring and recording today., MySpace

  10. This anarchist pop punk band is probably best known for the single "Tubthumping", which was everywhere in 1997, but probably less well known is the fact that this was taken from their eighth studio album, "Tubthumper".

    Formed in a squat in Leeds, England, in 1982, Chumbawamba released their first single, "Revolution", in 1985. Their musical style has changed through the years, initially a shouting punk band, later recording some folk songs, then, with the "Jesus H Christ" album, they discovered electronic music.

    That album, however, was built around numerous samples of other groups and, when they found out how much clearing them would cost, they scrapped it (though, it was released as a bootleg and, in recent years, via their site as mp3s) and rerecorded the album without the samples and with a new focus on censorship.

    "Anarchy" was their response to criticism from their contemporaries for their move into pop music, funny, political and musically experimental. The anti-Nazi song "Enough is Enough", recorded with regular collaborator MC Fusion, was released as a single and launched Fusion's new group Credit to the Nation. They had minor chart success, but nothing compared to what was to come.

    The disappointing "Swingin' with Raymond" followed and was the end of their relationship with One Little Indian. Deciding that there's no such thing as a good capitalist, big or small, they signed with EMI, whom they had criticised in the past. The band were heavily criticised once again, but the massive worldwide success of "Tubthumper" allowed the band to fund numerous political campaigns around the world.

    They were never to repeat the success of that single and proudly proclaimed themselves one hit wonders and their relationship with EMI only lasted one more album and a few singles. Independent again with Mutt Records, and with long-time producer Neil Ferguson now officially a member, they have continued to experiment with their style, recording "Readymades", mixing folk samples with dance beats, the soundtrack to the Alex Cox film "Revengers Tragedy" and their latest release, "UN", recorded on a mini disc in Latin America and at Chumbawamba's Bradford studio, mixing styles and sounds from different parts of the world.

    Since then, the group slimmed down to just Lou, Neil, Boff and Jude, and added Phil Moody on accordion to play folk music with pop influences. The other members have moved on to their own projects.

    Always controversial, often under attack from the left and the right, Chumbawamba have always done things their own way and, in their own words, "Never do what you are told.",, Wikipedia

  11. The Undertones formed in Derry, Northern Ireland, in 1976. Their debut EP, Teenage Kicks, was released by Belfast record shop owner Terry Hooley on his Good Vibrations label in September 1978. The song captivated Britain's top DJ, John Peel, who played the song on his BBC radio show. This attracted a deal from Sire, which released the band's debut LP in April 1979. That Autumn, The Undertones earned kudos as a support act on the Clash's American tour.

    A second LP, Hypnotised, was recorded and released in 1980, followed in 1981 by their first LP for EMI, Positive Touch. The Sin Of Pride was released in 1983, shortly before the Undertones split up in the summer of 1983 after a series of summer festival gigs.

    Feargal Sharkey launched a short-lived solo career, while the O'Neills won critical plaudits - but little sales - for their tough-minded political band, That Petrol Emotion. Hopes of re-forming the original lineup for John Peel's 50th birthday fell apart after the O'Neills' father died. Their first new album in 20 years, Get What You Need, was released in September 2003.

    Original Line-up: John and Damian O’Neill - guitar; Michael Bradley - bass; Billy Doherty - drums; Feargal Sharkey - vocals.,

  12. 12

    Formed: 1978. Disbanded: 1987. Reformed: 2008.

    Influential English band considered to be the godfathers of the Crust Punk subgenre. They recorded two full-length albums and three EPs before splitting up in 1987, at which time The Baron went to live on the isle of Skye and worked as a self-taught sword-smith whilst the remainder of the band forged ahead with Smartpils, The member Tim Crow as Zygote (3). This endeavour was short-lived however, and lasted until the early 1990s before fading into obscurity.
    The band officially reformed in February 2008 sans Spider and with new drummer Roy Mayorga.
    Sites:MySpace,,, Wikipedia

  13. 13

    Formation History:

    After the hardcore punk group Minor Threat dissolved, Ian MacKaye (vocals and guitar) was active with a few short-lived groups, most notably Embrace. MacKaye decided he wanted a project that was "like the Stooges with reggae," but was wary about forming another band after Embrace's break up. MacKaye recalled, "My interests were not necessarily to be in a band [per se], but to be with people who wanted to play music with me." MacKaye recruited ex-Dag Nasty drummer Colin Sears and bass guitarist Joe Lally, and the trio began practicing together in September 1986. After a few months of rehearsals, Sears returned to Dag Nasty and was replaced by Brendan Canty (earlier of Rites of Spring). One day Canty's Rites of Spring bandmate Guy Picciotto dropped by during a practice session to see how his friend was getting along; he later admitted he secretly harbored the idea of joining the group. But Picciotto was disappointed that there seemed to be no place for him; he said, "It seemed really completed already [. . .] It had a completely different feel from what I'd been doing with Brendan. It seemed just solid and done."

    After some uncertainty from Canty about what he wanted to do with his future, the trio regrouped and booked their first show at the Wilson Center in early September 1987. The group still needed a name, so MacKaye chose the word "fugazi" from Mark Baker's Nam, a compilation of stories of Vietnam War veterans, where it was used as slang for "fucked up", or, to be precise, "Fucked Up, Got Ambushed, Zipped In ('... into a body bag')".

    The band began inviting Picciotto to practices. Inspired by use of a foil in hip-hop, Picciotto sang backup vocals. After his band Happy Go Licky broke up, he became more involved with Fugazi. MacKaye eventually asked Picciotto to become a full member, which he accepted.

    Albums and tours:

    Fugazi embarked on its first tour in January 1988. In June 1988 the band recorded its debut EP Fugazi with producer Ted Nicely, and shortly afterwards embarked on an arduous tour of Europe. At the tour's conclusion in December, the band recorded songs for its intended debut album. However, the band was spent from touring and decided that the resulting sessions were unsatisfactory. The tracklist was cut down to an EP and released as Margin Walker the following year. Upon the band's return from Europe, Picciotto, unsatisfied with merely singing, began playing guitar.

    The band's first full-length album, Repeater, was released in January 1990. The band spent most of the year touring behind Repeater and routinely sold out 1,000-capacity shows. By summer 1991 the album had sold more than 100,000 copies, a large number for a label that relied on word-of-mouth promotion. While major labels began to court Fugazi, the band decided that Dischord was distributing their records well enough and refused the offers.

    For the band's second album Steady Diet Of Nothing (1991), the band once again asked Ted Nicely to produce. Nicely had become a chef and had to reluctantly turn down the job, so the band members decided to produce the record themselves. Fugazi recorded its third album In on the Kill Taker (1993) with Steve Albini in Chicago; however, the results were deemed unsatisfactory and the band re-recorded the album with Ted Nicely. With the breakthrough of alternative rock in the early 1990s, In On The Kill Taker became the group's first record to enter the Billboard album charts.

    By Red Medicine (1995), Fugazi were on the road less frequently, due in large part to other professional and personal commitments. Their music had evolved far from their hardcore roots, with strong art rock leanings. The Argument (2001), featured the first extensive contributions from outside musicians, most notably longtime roadie and sound engineer Jerry Busher, who added percussion or a second drum set to most of the album's songs.


    Fugazi is currently on what the band describes as a "hiatus", partly brought on by Canty wanting to spend more time with his family.

    In the meantime, the members are undertaking side projects, with MacKaye forming the duo The Evens with drummer and singer Amy Farina (formerly of the Warmers). In 2004, MacKaye produced the DC EP for former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, which also featured Jerry Busher.

    Canty has been doing a variety of soundtrack scores and playing bass in the trio Garland Of Hours alongside frequent Fugazi guest contributors Jerry Busher and Amy Domingues, and has played bass live with Mary Timony. Canty also appears on Bob Mould's 2005 album Body of Song and on Mould's 2008 album District Line, and has toured with Mould, appearing in the live DVD Circle of Friends. He is currently working in the Burn to Shine DVD series which is being released by Trixie DVD.

    Lally has released two solo albums, There To Here and Nothing Is Underrated. He has also appeared on fellow DC post-punkers Decahedron's debut album Disconnection_Imminent, as well as on a one shot project with John Frusciante (formerly) of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and current Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist, Josh Klinghoffer known as Ataxia.

    Picciotto currently works as a record producer most notably with Blonde Redhead and The Blood Brothers, and he has performed alongside members of The Ex at the Jazz festival in Wels, Austria. Picciotto also co-produced and contributed guitar on Vic Chesnutt's 2009 album, At The Cut, for Constellation Records and performed live with Chesnutt on the Fall/Winter 2009 North American Tour. He has a daughter, Sophie, with musician Kathi Wilcox from the band Bikini Kill and The Frumpies.,

  14. Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Henry Cluney, Brian Faloon, Jim Reily, Dolphin Taylor, Bruce Foxton, Ian McCallum, Dave Sharp, Steve Grantley

    Irish Punk band formed around 1977 with the original members being Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Henry Cluney & Brian Faloon.

    This version of the band recorded their first LP "Inflammable Material" which included their signature songs about life in Belfast, "Alternative Ulster", "Suspect Device" and "Wasted Life" but also a musically bold reworking of Bob Marley's "Johnny Was"

    Moving to London in 1979, the band lost Brian Faloon who was replaced on drums by Jim Reilly. They recorded the LP "Nobody's Heroes" for Chrysalis, an LP which was poppier than "Inflammable Material" but continued exploring similar themes. A cover of the Specials "Doesn't Make It Alright" was included, less successfully than "Johnny Was". "Nobody's Heroes" was followed by the pure power pop of the LPs "Go For It" and "Now Then" (featuring new drummer Dolphin Taylor, previously of the Tom Robinson Band )which failed to satisfy their fans, and the live LP "Hanx". In 1983 the band decided to call it a day

    In 1987, Burns reformed the band with McMordie, Cluney and Taylor. When McMordie left permanently in 1990, he was replaced on bass by Bruce Foxton, previously of Jam, The. McMordie rejoined the band in 2006. The current incarnation of SLF, which still tours includes Burns, bassist Ali McMordie, guitarist Ian McCallum and drummer Steve Grantley

  15. 15

    Anarcho-punk band that formed in 1977 North Weald, Essex, United Kingdom, and disbanded in 1984.

    Vocals: Steve Ignorant, Eve Libertine (aka Bronwen Jones), Joy de Vivre.
    Guitars: N.A. Palmer, Phil Free.
    Bass: Pete Wright.
    Drums: Penny Rimbaud., MySpace

  16. Stephen William Bragg
    Born: December 20, 1957 in Barking, Essex, United Kingdom. The 'Bard of Barking', a singer-songwriter with a long and successful career, particularly known in the Uk for his combination of music and left-wing politics.,

  17. Founded in 1978 by vocalist Joey Shithead, along with bassist Randy Rampage and drummer Chuck Biscuits. Experienced numerous lineup changes in their 12-year existence, and recorded many songs by their short-lived Vancouver contemporaries.

  18. 18

    Real Name:Paul D. Hudson
    *11 February 1956 in London, England, UK

    H.R. ("Human Rights") is the stage name of Paul D. Hudson.

    Aliases:Paul D. Hudson

  19. Legendary and influential punk/hardcore trio which formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, in 1979. Hüsker Dü (which means "Do You Remember" in Norwegian) mixed pop and punk music and consisted of guitarist/vocalist Bob Mould, bassist Greg Norton and drummer Grant Hart. They started out as an aggressive hardcore thrash band before challenging that genre's restrictions and expanding to other musical formats. After releasing a string of innovative, but commerically unsuccesful albums Hüsker Dü split in 1988 due to Grant Hart's alcohol and drug problems and suicide of band's manager David Savoy Jr., who was considered an important part of the band. Bob Mould went on to form Sugar (5), while Grant Hart formed Nova Mob with both of them disbanding respective groups in the mid 90s and going only with solo projects . Greg Norton is no longer in the music business, and he became a succesful restaurant owner.

  20. Suicidal Tendencies is an US-based hardcore punk and metal band. The band was formed in 1981 in Venice, CA by vocalist Mike Muir. Since the band's inception, Muir has been the group's only constant member, although rhythm guitarist Mike Clark has been with the group since 1988. The group started off as hardcore punk act and their 1983 self-titled debut scored an unexpected hit with the song "Institutionalized", whose video got heavy airplay on MTV. In 1984, citing concerns about crowd violence, the group was banned from performing live in the city of Los Angeles. The ban remained in effect until the early 1990s. By the end of the 1980s, the band had evolved into a full-fledged thrash metal band and would soon begin adding more funk influences into their music. In 1994, the group announced their split, marking the end to their most commercially successful period. Mike Muir and Mike Clark would resurrect the band in 1997 with new members and the group continues to this day, although their recorded output has been sparse since reuniting.

    Throughout Suicidal's career, Muir has fronted a number of side-projects like Los Cycos, No Mercy (3), Infectious Grooves, and his own solo act, Cyco Miko. These acts have usually featured other members of Suicidal, as well., MySpace,, Twitter

  21. Melodic punk / hardcore band. Releasing material on No Idea Records and more recently with Epitaph Records., MySpace

  22. Former Basque punk band active between 1984-2003 years. They disbanded in 2003 when their vocalist died.
    Primera maqueta (1983, 4 temas, incluyendo «Brigada criminal» y «Anti-militar»).
    12" EP Zona Especial Norte (Spansuls Records, ZENS 45007, 1984). Disco compartido con Eskorbuto. Reeditado en CD por Discos Suicidas en 1991 y 1996 (con temas extra de Eskorbuto).
    Casete En directo 83-84 (Destruye C.O.M. 001, 1985).
    LP No te muevas! (Basati Diskak, 8/87). Reeditado en CD en por Discos Suicidas en 1996.
    CD HIESari aurre egiten!! Zuzenean (...Ta Segi Aurrera!!!/Esan Ozenki, 1995). Disco en directo.
    CD y DVD Punkaren 25 Urteko Historia Bizia. Historia viva del Punk (Goiena-Hotsak, 2006).
    Participaciones en recopilatorios
    «Anti-militar» en el LP recopilatorio Welcome to 1984 (Maximum RocknRoll MRR 001, 12/83).
    Varios temas en la casete recopilatoria Spanish HC (BCT Tapes, 1984).

    Karlos Agirreurreta "Mahoma": Vocals (†)
    Yul Bolinaga: Guitar
    Eduardo Mancebo "Portu": Bass Guitar (†)
    Txerra Bolinaga: Drums
    Provenientes de la banda que fue Doble Cero, comienzan a reunirse y a crear el concepto de RIP, siendo una de las primeras bandas de punk que existieron en la Peninsula Ibérica, considerandose uno de los grupos más influyentes en el punk y hardcore del Estado Español. En 1984 sacaron un disco compartido con Eskorbuto, llamado Zona Especial Norte, y no fue hasta 1987 cuando sacaron su disco No te muevas.

    Poco después, se separan, pero se reunirán ocasionalmente, como en 1995, fecha en la que dan a la luz el disco en directo HIESari aurre egiten. Zuzenean, que en castellano significa "Haciendo frente al sida. En directo", con casi todas sus canciones y versiones de otros grupos ingleses. En 1997 fallece Portu; el bajista y voz en "incorruptible", "mundo muerto" y "antimilitar".

    Más tarde participarán al disco tributo a Eskorbuto, Tren con destino al infierno en el año 2000.

    Con la muerte del cantante, Mahoma en 2003, acaba la historia de este grupo. Algunas de sus canciones más populares son "Revolución", "Anti-militar", "Mundo muerto", "Condenado" "Enamorado de la muerte"y "Terrorismo policial".

    Fueron uno de los grupos más radicales dentro del Rock Radical Vasco.

  23. English punk band that formed in the mid 1970's., MySpace,

  24. 24

    Andrew Thorley
    In Groups:Fuck The C.I.A., Reputations In Jeopardy

  25. NYC, USA, MySpace, Facebook

    The two key, constant elements of Underdog during its span of four years were Richie Birkenhead (vocals) and Russ "Wheeler" Iglay (bass) who decided to form a band while talking at CBGB in 1985. The band, named True Blue for about a week, soon became UNDERDOG. These two NYHC matinee regulars and longtime skateboarders, Richie and Russ, were indeed at opposite ends of the spectrum in temperament and circles they ran in. Case in point: Richie did time with Youth of Today and Russ with Murphy's Law. .... UNDERDOG was also one of the first punk bands with deep roots in skateboarding, and skating still remains a focal point in the life of the band. .... Richie, while fronting UNDERDOG, raised the bar in NYHC during those years, in a scene filled with aggro, straight-up hardcore bands that concentrated more on athletic, than vocal prowess and melody on stage. He prowled the stage, commandeered the crowd and could switch from a guttural scream to the voice of a choir boy in a split second. .... Russ, well known for his Andy Capp, drink up, devil may care, knuckle-up persona equaled Richie in the stage presence department, swinging off ceiling pipes and taunting the crowd all while keeping the rhythm section tightly pumping with kid brother Dean Joseph (Iglay, stolen from Jersey Shore pranksters Good Humor), who replaced original drummer Gregg very early on and remained a permanent member. .... UNDERDOG became a hugely popular musical hybrid capable of playing shows with any other band while winning new followers along the way. Their "fuck with our friends and you fuck with us" attitude wasn't just a bullshit theme for a song,like lots of other bands. These guys practiced what they preached. The band's attitude on stage encouraged everyone in the crowd to let loose and go nuts without fear of getting sucker punched or bullied by anyone. And they did. .... UNDERDOG shows were sweat-drenched, hard dancing, sing-along events for everyone involved. Their first 7" EP released on New Beginnings Records (with Gregg Pierce on drums and Danny Darella on guitar) instantly became a hot commodity in the NYHC scene, spread through the U.S. and was quickly out of print. .... The legendary Matt Solomon cover art became the unofficial trademark for the band on T-shirts, flyers and tattoos. On the power of that 7 alone, While Richie, Russ and Dean remained fixtures (except for Richies brief departure to play for Youth of Today on one album/tour)(vocal duties were briefly taken over by Carl DiMola), guitar players were to Underdog what drummers were to Spinal Tap. Original guitarist Danny was later replaced by Arthur (Token Entry, Gorilla Biscuits), who was subsequently replaced by skater dude Chuck. .... For the recording of the Over the Edge demo, and also at the tail-end of their existence, UNDERDOG played as a trio, with Richie on guitar. .... Already quite aware of UNDERDOG and after hearing their 1988 Over the Edge demo, Caroline Records signed the band to record what became the album "The Vanishing Point". The band had matured into an extremely tight musical unit, mixing the best of power, melody and even reggae into a volatile mix second only to Bad Brains. .... Chuck Treece joined the band on guitar to help record the songs already written by Richie and Russ. Recorded in one week at Electric Reels in upstate NY and produced by Don Fury, "The Vanishing Point" was one of the most anxiously awaited records of the year. .... A 1989 nationwide tour to support the record was their biggest and most successful at that point and there seemed to be nothing standing in their way. Sadly prophetic, the title of the record rang true at the conclusion of that tour. Arriving back in NYC and dropping off Richie, Russ and Dean drove home for an agreed upon short break. .... That short break became a long break and they decided to cancel their European tour. It's hard to believe that was sixteen years ago. But now they're back, with the original core line-up, and with longtime friend and American Standard axe-man Matt Dolan as a fulltime member of UNDERDOG. .... -Bill Dolan '98