Artists I've Seen Live

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Artists not on discogs: Trash Panda, Kid Quill, Jaye Newton, MIKE, ORB

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    Atlanta 2018 (Florida Georgia Line Tour) (Didn't Have Tickets and scored a miracle, didn't have to pay for parking because gate at parking garage broke, only gas expenses. Met Gener and got an autograph, complimented deaner on a great show. nice. Car broke down 5 minutes from home. not nice.)
    1. Dancing In The Show Tonight
    2. The Grobe
    3. Waving My Dick In The Wind
    4. Mr Would You Please Help My Pony?
    5. Voodoo Lady
    6. Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
    7. Now I'm Freaking Out ("The Best We've Ever Played It")
    8. Happy Colored Marbles
    9. ReggaeJunkieJew
    10. I Got A Weasel
    11. The Stallion pt. 2 (only played 6 times before)
    12. The Stallion pt. 5
    13. The HIV Song
    14. Spinal Meningitis
    15. The Rift
    16. Hey Ya (Outkast Cover, only time played)
    17. Stroker Ace (Funky Version, no Gene Ween, 1st time performed like this)
    18. Roses Are Free
    19. Mutilated Lips
    20. I Don't Want It (Wow.)
    21. Ice Castles>
    22. The Finale Alarm
    23. Your Party
    24. The Golden Eel
    25. The Blarney Stone (3rd Time Played Since Break-Up)
    26. Fiesta
    27. Even If You Don't

  2. Chance The Rapper


    Hangout Music Festival 2017
    1. Mixtape
    2. Blessings
    3. Angels
    4. Smoke Break
    5. Wave/ Father Stretch My Hands/ Ultra Light Beam (Kanye Cover *kind of)
    6. Sunday Candy (Donny Trumpet and The Social Experiment, Feature)
    7. D.R.A.M. Sings Special (Chance sang)
    8. I'm The One (DJ Khalid, Feature)
    9. Lost
    10. Favorite Song
    11. Cocoa Butter Kisses
    12. Chain Smoker
    13. All We Got
    15. No Problem
    16. Summer Friends
    17. May I Have This Dance (Francis and The Lights, Feature)
    18. Finish Line/ Drown
    19. Mask Off (Future, Feature)
    20. Same Drugs (wow)
    21. Blessings Reprise (WOW)

    2017 - Atlanta
    1. Mixtape
    2. Blessings
    3. Angels
    4. Juke Jam
    5. Waves/Father SMH/ Ultralight Beam
    6. Sunday Candy
    7. D.R.A.M. Sings Speacial
    8. I'm The One
    9. Lost
    10. Favorite Song
    11. Cocoa Butter Kisses
    12. All We Got
    13. No Problems
    14. Summer Friends
    15. All Night
    16. Finish Line/ Drown
    17. Blessings (Reprise)

  3. Mac Demarco


    Hangout Music Festival (This Old Dog Released Just Months Before, Tons of Stuff Thrown at Him, Awful Crowd, Lots of Fun)
    1. Salad Days
    2. No Other Heart
    3. For The First Time
    4. The Stars Keep Calling My Name
    5. This Old Dog
    6. Cooking up Something Good
    7. Ode To Viceroy
    8. Dreams From Yesterday
    9. On The Level
    10. Freaking Out The Neighborhood
    11. My Kind of Woman
    12. One More Love Song
    13. Moonlight On The River (Nice)
    14. Chamber of Reflection
    15. Still Together

    Solo Acoustic Tour, Jackson, Mississippi, 2018
    Small Crowd, Great Atmosphere, Didn't buy tickets before and got extremely lucky because they were sol out when we got there, First Time "Here Comes The Cowboy (Song)" Was Played?)

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    (First Ever Concert, 2016 Atlanta, White Album Tour, VIP Seating)
    1. California Kids
    2. Hash Pipe
    3. My Name Is Jonas
    4. If Your Wondering If I Want You To I Want You To
    5. LA Girlz
    6. Pork and Beans
    7. Perfect Situation
    8. Thank God For Girls
    9. Beverley Hills
    10. Dope Nose/Keep Fishin/ The Good Life/Surf Wax America (Weezer Medley)
    11. Tired of Sex (Wow)
    12. Undone-The Sweater Song
    13. King Of The World>Only Dreams (oh hell yeah)
    14. Island In the Sun
    15. Say it Aint So (WOW!)
    16. El Scorcho
    17. Buddy Holly

    Hangout Festival 2017 (A month or so after Feel Like Summer Was Released, Basically Same Set-list more or less, with Troublemaker (nice) added and Feels Like Summer. A tad shorter. Some drunk dude said FLS was the best song he's ever heard. smh)

  5. King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

    (Sept. 2 2019, Tabernacle, ATL. Crazy crowd, mosh pit, etc. Great energy. ORB and Stonefield opened. really cool stuff)
    1. Venusian 2
    2. Mars for the Rich
    3. Robot Stop
    4. Big Fig Wasp
    5. Gamma Knife
    6. Alter Me I
    7. Altered Beast II
    8. Rattlesnake
    9. Doom City
    10. Nuclear Fusion
    11. Tezeta
    12. Down The Sink
    13. Cyboogie (wow.)
    14. Crumbling Castle
    15. The Fourth Color
    16. The Great Change of Being
    17. Plastic Boogie
    18. Self-Immolate
    19. Planet B (wow.)

  6. Daughters

    Bham 2019, Toured With Health. Show Me the Body opened, missed that while helping Dalyn print his ID. Really crazy mosh pit, Matthew crowd surfed, really fun set.

  7. Earl Sweatshirt

    2019-Birmingham, (Great Atmosphere, First Concert over 21, MIKE and Liv.e were great openers)
    1. Molasses
    2. 20 Wave Caps
    3. December 24
    4. Ontheway!
    5. The Mint
    6. The Bends
    7. Loosie
    8. Eclipse
    9. Azucar
    10. Peanut
    11. Head Heavy 2
    12. Run For Your Life
    13. Wind in My Sails
    14. E. Coli
    15. Huey
    16. Faucet
    17. Grief
    18. NOWHERE2GO
    19. Shattered Dreams
    20. Riot!

  8. HEALTH (2)

    Birmingham 2019, On tour with Daughters

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