Artists I've seen live

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Artists I've seen live, including at music festivals. Keep in mind that I won't list absolutely all the artists I've seen live- the ones that don't get listed are solely ones I've seen at music festivals and don't think of as noteworthy (either due to popularity or how much I like them).

  1. Peter Gabriel

    July 2003 at Bell Centre (I *think*), Montreal, QC, Canada, on Up tour
    June 2016 at ACC, Toronto, ON, Canada, with Sting

  2. North Mississippi Allstars

    January 2011, Sony Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada, opening for Robert Plant's Band of Joy

  3. Robert Plant

    January 2011 at Sony Centre, Toronto, ON, Canada, Band of Joy tour

  4. Crash Test Dummies

    June/July 2011 at some eco-festival at Yonge & Dundas Square in Toronto. An intimate acoustic performance- they were doing a rather hilarious preview of their then new song "And It's Beautiful" plus some of their hits. Good stuff

  5. Rival Sons

    November 2013 at a tiny waterfront club in Hamilton, ON, Canada - only about 200 people there and the sound was effin' AMAZING. The diminutive size of the venue definitely helped.
    I got hold of a vinyl copy of their self-titled EP from 2010 at this concert and didn't even think that it would command a kingly price tag in the wild. I was surprised to see how much it had appreciated in value on Discogs in recent times - now I'm inclined to flip my copy! 😂

    Saw them again in February 2016 opening for Black Sabbath, also in Hamilton, at FirstOntario Centre. Sound was poor, but the energy and chemistry of these guys' live act had never receded one bit since I saw them over two years earlier when they were playing smaller values.

  6. Elton John

    February 2014, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, ON

  7. Arctic Monkeys

    June 2014, Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (now Budweiser Stage), Toronto, ON, Canada. White Denim as opening act was kinda "meh" but Alex Turner and the boys killed it.

  8. Stevie Wonder

    November 2014, Air Canada Centre, Toronto - performed the entire Songs in the Key of Life album live (including the EP bonus tracks) with some pretty crazy live jams and a hilarious 1-hour encore. The man's energy hasn't dissipated after all these decades - and his masterpiece is just as beautiful and moving live as it is from the studio.

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    Bell Centre, Montreal, QC, Canada, June 2015. R40 tour. What a concert. Every song in the setlist was performed in reverse chronological order from newest to oldest.

  10. Paul McCartney

    October 2015, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Out There tour. Funnily enough, I only remember a tiny bit of the performance - particularly the bit where he got out a ukulele to pay a tribute to George with a touching rendition of "Something"...

  11. Black Sabbath

    February 2016, FirstOntario Centre. The End tour. The stench of weed filled the air, and the whole experience was ruined by Ozzy's complete inability to sing on-key. He was dreadful - during "War Pigs", he was so bad at one point that he even sang a whole step flat.

    And yet, the audience was so stoned that they were completely oblivious!

    No wonder they had to autotune him on the last Sabbath studio recordings.

  12. Hollywood Vampires

    July 2016, Seneca Niagara Casino and Resort, Niagara Falls, NY - first time crossing the border to see a live concert. Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp joined forces to celebrate deceased rock stars of note, from David Bowie, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Marc Bolan, and Lemmy, to Keith Moon and John Entwistle, with a cover-filled setlist. Alice Cooper was a real hoot at the show.

    Ironically, they were in Coney Island the very next day, and the news came out that Joe Perry passed out offstage mid-concert - the other two carried on without him.

  13. Kaleo (3)

    Osheaga fest 2016, Montreal

  14. The Lumineers

    Osheaga fest 2016. Fine show, although I'm not wild over these guys - just some nice, lightweight folksy stuff.

  15. Half Moon Run

    Osheaga 2016

  16. Elle King

    Osheaga 2016

  17. Silversun Pickups

    Osheaga 2016. Great discovery!

  18. Cypress Hill

    Osheaga 2016. An entire set of groups dissing each other - didn't make an ounce of sense!

  19. Passenger (10)

    Osheaga 2016. One man and a guitar.... one of those artists that sounds way better on stage than he does in the studio - here, he's free from the bizarre overdone totally unnatural voice treatments that plague his studio recordings. He made sure to inject a good dose of hilarity into the set - kept a MASSIVE audience engaged over a period of, what, an hour?

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    Osheaga 2016

  21. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    Osheaga 2016 - the sendoff we were all waiting for! Just when we thought they were going to wrap things up after an hour and a half, they came back on stage after a few minutes break to send the walls tearing down with an unforgettable encore of "Give It Away". A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - even though it's such a shame that it didn't happen at a time when good ol' Frusciante was with them...

  22. Gorillaz

    July 2017, Air Canada Centre, Toronto. The bonus of a free CD copy of Humanz included with the ticket was a great primer for a concert that ended up totally reigniting my fiery passion for this cartoon band.

  23. Imagine Dragons

    WayHome 2017. I'll be DAMNED if they weren't spectacular live! The whole set was non-stop THUNDAH (not referring to the song) - these guys sure know how to keep a crowd roaring while being very musically impressive.

  24. Cage The Elephant

    WayHome 2017. Matt got those moves like Jagger!

  25. Death From Above 1979

    WayHome 2017