Artists That Used To Be Cool But Now Are Lame

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updated over 10 years ago

This is my list of artists who used to be good but became very lame later on in their careers. This list does not focus on one single genre, but features artists from all over (if they fit the boot).

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  1. Alice In Chains

    One of the biggest grunge acts of the '80s, along with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. In other words, a good grunge band. But what happens when you give a good grunge band clean clothes and cash? Then turn out like crap, like Alice in Chains.

  2. Black Eyed Peas

    Get out of my face Fergie and stop ruining the best hip hop trio ever. I'd bet you that 90% of the Black Eyed Peas fans have no idea what they used to be. The Black Eyed Peas were truly members of the hip hop culture until Fergie came into the group and gave enough blow jobs all the way from making quality underground hip hop to making the terrible "The Time (Dirty Bit)" (from their new album The Beginning), which has an auto-tuned chorus from "The Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing. Obviously something Fergie got the group to do.

  3. Busta Rhymes

    It's nothing new for a good rapper to lose his style and sell out. Started out as a brilliant hardcore rapper, but then decided that being good gives you no money (which is true in a way) and started collabing with Lil Wayne and the like.

  4. Dizzee Rascal

    I have no problem with rappers who use electronic beats, like Dizzee Rascal. I think Dizzee Rascal was probably the best grime artist. You see, the bad thing about using electronic beats in hip hop is that it can evolve into worse things. At first Dizzee Rascal controlled it, but it evolved into something that sounded more like The Black Eyed Peas' "The E.N.D" album, or something like Ke$ha's "Tik Tok". This is very bad. It's hard to be a "go hard" rapper like Dizzee Rascal without turning into popular dance garbage like he did.

  5. Dr. Dre

    Former musician. Now a businessman. What else could he have done? He didn't give a crap about the hip hop culture to begin with. He just knew what he knew. Eminem and Snoop Dogg went into the mainstream, so he came with. He grew up and realized the music means nothing but cash. Making music for good reason doesn't say anything anymore. That's what I think Dr. Dre thinks.

  6. 6



    Eminem is no question one of the greatest MCs in history. And has made some pretty great albums along the way. But recently he decided to turn himself into novelty rather than a person and collabing with Rihanna and Lil Wayne and shitting on the hip hop culture that he has betrayed.

  7. Fat Joe

    It was back in the golden age of hip hop that Fat Joe made music that hip hoppers would actually want to listen to. Former protégé of fellow rapper and producer Big Pun. It seems that when Big Pun died that his music just seemed to fall apart. Fat Joe is one of those really pathetic sellouts who just basically gives up and collaborates with all the talentless losers the mainstream throws at them.

  8. Green Day

    I think every true punk can agree that Green Day are sellouts. The worst things about this band is: 1) That their music used to be so good, 2) That their music now is so awful, and 3) It would be no problem if they admitted that their music isn't punk any more but that it is just rather sad pop music, but no. They just have to make an utter fool out of the punk culture.

  9. 9



    How would I sum up what a tragedy Jay-Z is in one paragraph? Well here goes: First he came out with one of the greatest hip hop albums in history, "Reasonable Doubt". Then he made the pretty good In My Lifetime series. The last thing he would ever do in the hip hop culture. Little by little he just left. Hip hop seems to be losing all it's talented rappers that way. Then he just started making worse and worse albums until the piece of crap album "The Blueprint 3" he came out with in 2009.

  10. Talib Kweli

    Talib Kweli unlike the others on this list has not yet dove head first into the lake of lameness but has shown very bad signs. The biggest would probably be collaborating with talent-lacking Gucci Mane (whom every hip hop head hates). Talib Kweli responded to a blogger who criticized him for collaborating with Gucci Mane. Talib responded with, "I am a man and an artist of the people. When I say that, I do not just mean people I agree with, people who understand me or people I can relate to. I mean the people in the truest sense of the term. This philosophy, although professed by many intellectuals, is lost on them. They would rather judge the masses as a foolish body, greatly in need of their intellectual musings. Any public figure who attracts a crowd of people should be examined, and if they are smart about their business they are to be respected. Respect transcends personal taste, you can and often should respect your enemy." While I agree on this, I also do not agree on this. Talib took it too far as to selling out to a rapper who has been destroying hip hop's art. Talib forgot what hip hop was all about: hip hop is a culture and a lifestyle, not a business.

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    Iz (6)

    Iz (6)

    I strongly doubt that anyone here is going to get what I'm talking about here. We're getting really obscure. Well anyhow, IZ was an underground Asian rapper who released really strong music. I used to follow him for a while. But then he completely turned away from his good past and went to a popular rap label called 454 Life Entertainment. He started making merely unlistenable auto-tuned soul music and lots of rap with snap beats. In addition, he was also featured on the song "I Party" by Far*East Movement. I emailed him about the matter, and it seems that he doesn't want to be on the label, he told me that he had to do what he had to do. I sorta feel bad for him.

  12. Quincy Jones


  13. 13



    Let's be honest, Horror Punk was a really lame idea for a genre to begin with. But they actually pulled it off in their first album "Walk Among Us" which is actually a classic and a very good album. Just like other artists who be themselves and make cool original ideas, they became a novelty band. Misfits then started releasing music knocking off Marilyn Manson for all the equally lame and obnoxious goth kids who like Marilyn Manson and don't want to listen to anything that sounds different.

  14. Dolly Parton

    Dolly Parton was a really brilliant songwriter, easily the greatest female lyricist in country music of all time. But you see, she became one of those artists who used to be really cool but got old and really lazy. Instead of giving people a little clue on what country music should be, she went along with all the country pop artists. Now pathetically, all people now hear is her new music which does not live up to what she has done in the past. As her music has lost its quality, it looks as if her breasts have seemed to put on a whole lot of weight. More recently she has also put on the whole "I'm a country girl and a know-it-all" attitude as well (e.g "Better Get to Livin'").

  15. Liz Phair

    She was always annoying. But at least her first music was good in the album "Exile in Guyville". Liz Phair has now blocked all musical taste in her body and continues to release terrible pop rock for the mainstream audiences.

  16. 16

    The Lox

    The Lox

    Note: This item refers to the individual members of the groups and their solo careers. Not the group itself.

    It's really a shame. These guys don't even know what they are. They're still far from bad, but don't know whether they are underground or mainstream. It's a real mess, and a major turn-off for many. Styles P will have an album featuring Akon and Lil' Jon in one song. While Talib Kweli or Pete Rock will be featured in another. The worst is Jadakiss, who has Lil' Wayne featured, with production by The Alchemist on "The Last Kiss"

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    Prince has made a long string of great and many influential albums, from the '90's going all the way back to the '70's. And thanks to Jehovah's Witnesses inspiring his new music, his real talent has been given the swirly down the dirty toilet of good music. I got a wild hair one day to look up his newer albums. Prince started off making the giddy tunes everyone has grown to love from him (e.g. "1999") to making the most mind numbingly boring pop jazz-funk crap I have ever heard. Congratulations, Prince.

  18. 18



    These guys were real quality high-production hip hop music back when their first album "In Search Of..." came out. But the production kept gaining and the music started lacking. At first their music was very moody landscaping rhythms and then became pop with weak vocals. Pharrell Williams (a member) went on to make his debut solo album "In My Mind" which features Gwen Stefani in the lead single "Can I Have It Like That". It's a pretty stupid song featuring a pretty stupid person. N*E*R*D should get back to making the great music they used to instead of trying to make so overly epic like they do now.

  19. No Doubt

    They were okay. They were not necessarily the band I would put all my time into listening. But they were good enough quality ska for me to respect them. I respect the old No Doubt even more, seeing how (really bad) they turned out. First of all, No Doubt turned into an awful pop rock band (you can listen to that garbage on their page...). And then, Gwen Stefani took a turn for the really, really worst and became an awful mainstream pop rock, synth-pop, and occasional pop rap artist that has been hated by millions of music lovers. Could it get any worse than that?

  20. Simon Ratcliffe

    This is kind of an obscure one, and a lot of people probably won't understand it unless they are a huge hardcore dance head. On the second thought, the majority of people on Discogs are hardcore dance heads so never mind that. Simon Ratcliffe (one half of what we all know now as Basement Jaxx) is definitely not what he used to be. I'm sure a lot of people on here have listened to his early work from '92 to '93 that was pretty amazing stuff. I'm sure many here have heard the Tic Tac Toe masterpiece "Ephemoral"? Well guess what, that was Simon Ratcliffe. Basement Jaxx doesn't seem to be as good people say they are, they just aren't that good. But that's in my opinion.

  21. Simply Red

    Simply Red WERE a band. A very good band who wrote really good music. It's very easy for an artist to forget how much talent they have, take Simply Red for an example. He made something as genius and emotional as "Holding Back the Years", and now he just makes Maroon 5-esque music trying to get an audience like they have of naive fans who don't actually appreciate their music for what it is. Not only that, but since Simply Red is all about the singer-songwriter "head of it all" Mick Hucknall; he doesn't need a band anymore, because it's all about him!

  22. The Smashing Pumpkins

    Get a clue, Smashing Pumpkins, get a clue about what made your music good. Just think about it...what is the difference between Siamese Dream and Zeitgeist? Just look into these elements of your music and be a good band again. Please.

  23. Snoop Dogg

    Snoop Dogg pretty much the same case as Eminem, only five times worse. The same case: He used to make great music (like Eminem) and later became a stupid novelty (like Eminem). Many people don't even listen to his music anymore, many just recognize Snoop as the "bauw wow wow" guy with skin like Iggy Pop. I feel more bad for Snoop, rather than hating on him for losing his style. No one ever listens to his music to appreciate its true art, just to say, "Oh look, there's a Snoop Dogg". He has no reason to be in half the songs he's featured in (e.g. "California Gurls", "Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach"). To make the matter all the more sad, he went as low as to featuring Soulja Boy Tell 'Em on his new album and calling him his "little cousin".

  24. Bruce Springsteen

    There's not really any explanation for Bruce Springsteen other than that one day he just started to be sucky. That's really all there is to it. He started out good when he was young and awesome, and then he got old and started making hokey heartland rock.

  25. Suicidal Tendencies

    What a bunch of idiots.