Artists/Bands I've Seen Live

By voigtjason
updated 29 days ago

This is an almost complete list of all the bands and artists I've seen in concert. In order (except for most festivals).
Some things to keep in mind: (1) there were several opening acts and bands that I caught in my early years that I completely forgot if I've seen them or not; (2) not included are those that took part in a "Superjam" (Bonnaroo-style) or guest artists (unless they played the majority of the set with the artist/band), and (3) I have included such cases in which I have seen both the band and its spinoff solo act separate times (examples: Rob Thomas and Matchbox Twenty, Steve Ewing and The Urge)

No, this was not all done by memory. A huge part of it went to, plus I have saved several of my old ticket stubs.

  1. My very first concert! June 1998 at Riverport

  2. Saw him at the Grand Ole Opry (year?)

  3. Saw him at the Grand Ole Opry (year?)

  4. Saw him at the Grand Ole Opry in 2001.

  5. Saw him at the Grand Ole Opry, in October 2001. I remember he wrote/performed a new song about 9/11, "America Will Always Stand"

  6. 6

    Saw them in June 2002

  7. Saw them at my first of many times to The Pageant in St. Louis, September 2002. I saw them with Echo and the Bunnymen many years later at Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre (June 2017)

  8. Ozzfest 2002

  9. 9

    They were at Ozzfest. (July 2002)

  10. 10

    They were one of the Ozzfest performers. Definitely rocked the house! (July 2002)

  11. Ozzfest 2002

  12. Ozzfest 2002, later at Lazerfest in Des Moines (2010)

  13. First caught them at Ozzfest 2002, then later at Ozzfest 2006 (where they were the main headliners)

  14. Saw him as he headlined Ozzfest 2002, and two years later with Black Sabbath

  15. Saw them at Lollapalooza 2003. Even sat inside their tour bus!

  16. Saw them at Lollapalooza in 2003.

  17. The only time I saw Chris Cornell perform live. I remember him being in good spirits that night. Lollapalooza 2003

  18. Headlined Lollapalooza 2003. This would be of course the last year it would be a touring festival.

  19. Ozzfest 2004

  20. Ozzfest 2004

  21. 25

    Main stage at Ozzfest 2004. Perhaps the highlight was watching their crackheaded fans go crazy. And of course watching the lead singer yell at the top of his lungs