Artists/Bands Seen Live

By Kadee1 Kadee1
updated about 1 year ago

  1. The Rolling Stones

    Voodoo Lounge Tour. Of course, the Top Concert of my Lifetime!! Anytime from then on, I knew I could die happy, having seen The Stones live!!!!!!

  2. Black Sabbath

    Summer @ Wildwood Convention Center w/The Bone (of all people!) She was on family vacation w/ I dragged her!! (Not really, but I'm sure she was clueless who they were!)

  3. Mountain

    Summer/Wildwood Convention Center!

  4. Rick Derringer

    Saw him at Creations Nightclub on Eagle Rock Avenue in West Orange, NJ. Really nice place!!! Exciting show!

  5. Bad Company (3)

    Saw at Madison Square Garden. I guess only concert I ever saw there. Must have been around '78, because it ended up that Phil attended same concert! We may have crossed paths years earlier than our start & never knew it! Some things are just meant to be!

  6. Quicksilver Messenger Service

    First Concert Ever (was very, very, very, VERY young!!) Venue was filled ("Fresh Air")! & somehow, I remember that as well as the Concert!! At The Ritz Theater, Richmond Avenue, S.I., NY.

  7. Brooks & Dunn

    One in Top 5 Concerts. Every song these guys wrote & performed are winners...the Show is the Ultimate in Entertainment!!! All-day outdoor country fair & events...Lots of Fun! Most "patriotic" Concert ever attended!

  8. Boz Scaggs

    Saw Boz with NEW YORK ROCK AND SOUL REVUE, with Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald, Phoebe Snow, Ruth & Charles Brown and The Young Rascals...Definitely in my "Best Concerts"!! A cornucopia of top-notch musicians! Gained appreciation for Steely Dan (Donald Fagen & Walter Becker, who I saw when they toured a couple of years later.

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  10. Bonnie Raitt


  11. Earth, Wind & Fire

    Another Top Concert! I wouldn't have purchased these tickets myself...a longtime friend: "like a brother to me" had an extra I went with him & his big sister; first time the 3 of us were out together in decades!!! It was a Monumental Concert; EWF extraordinary! & I'm so glad that's who I attended the concert with, making it even more remarkable & memorable!!

  12. Elton John

    First of the "Pianomen" tours with BILLY JOEL.

  13. Brad Paisley

    Brad was one of the "New Cowboys on The Range" appearing in Brooks and Dunn's Wild West Travelling Circus and Honky-Tonk Show (which is an all-day outdoor fair/event)! Great time & while I was in country-phase Brad Paisley was a favorite!!

  14. Chris Isaak

    Penultimate musician/singer/songwriter/actor. He was scheduled to perform at State Theatre in New Jersey days following Hurricane Sandy. Not only did he not fly in and/or cancel conert, proceeds were donated to Hurricane Sandy victoms....Bravo, Chris!!! Great High Energy Show...he also told audience to ignore what theatre employees may have said about not taking photos. He said take as many as you want! Great Guy....Great Concert!!

  15. 24



    Rockabilly Band opened for Brian Setzer...Enjoyed 'em so much bought a BR549 release following Concert.