Australian Electronic Music Personalities

By stub004
updated over 4 years ago

Producers, DJs and label owners; the good and the bad. This list is intended to be fairly comprehensive and will grow as time goes on. Please send me a message if there's a name you think I should add.

The list has no order. Discogs automatically assigns a number to each entry. Mark James is not at number one because he's "the best", he's there because he was added first.

As much as possible, I've tried to add artists based on their real name. That way, there's only one entry if they have multiple aliases. In the case of a person's stage name being the only entry on discogs, I've added that instead.

I don't add expatriates who've moved to Australia from another country unless they did so at a very young age. The two guys from Africa Hitech, Timothy Allan and Jeff Willis are four such names which have been excluded for this reason.

  1. Owner of Future Entertainment and massive contributor to Melbourne's electronic music scene. It's not widely known that he's also a talented and diverse DJ. I've seen him play psy-trance, prog, house and more.

  2. Great progressive producer and owner of Vapour Recordings. Was part of Quench with CJ Dolan and Sean Quinn.

  3. Techno maestro. Was part of Quench with Kasey Taylor and CJ Dolan.

  4. Is now the sole member of Quench.

  5. Moved to London at a young age to start DJing and made it big. Now world renowned and plays Ibiza and other big venues frequently. Originally played progressive house but has since moved on to tech-house.

    Created the trance hit 'Skydive' with Alan Bremner as Freefall. Bremner is British.

  6. Progressive don from way back who has now turned to producing cheese with Grant Smillie under the name 'TV Rock'. He provides all the production skill in this duo. I have no idea what Smilie contributes.

  7. Easily Melbourne's best commercial house DJ. Plays cheese but isn't ashamed of it. Mixes and works a room like no other. Now plays radio with Grant Smillie.

  8. Sun Control Species. Awesome progressive psy project.

  9. Young gun with the prog track 'Striptease' to his name.

    Has also made quite a name for himself producing disco and house under the name "Tornado Wallace".

  10. Progressive gun with some great tracks.

  11. Another old-school prog-lover. May have sold out recently to pay the bills though (time will tell)

  12. 12

    One of Melbourne's best techno jocks and producers.


    Just kidding, he was part of Future Sound of Melbourne, one of Australia's best techno acts.

  14. Another member of FSOM. The third bloke is British.

  15. From Infusion.

  16. From Infusion.

  17. From Infusion.

  18. Trance jock and more recently, producer.

  19. Drum 'n' Bass producers.

  20. Drum 'n' Bass producer.

  21. Drum 'n' Bass producer.

  22. Drum 'n' Bass producer.

  23. 23

    Drum 'n' Bass producer.

  24. Drum 'n' Bass producer.

  25. Drum 'n' Bass producer.