A Partial List of Records Mastered (or Authored) by Dave Davis

By dlincoln dlincoln
updated over 3 years ago

These are record's Dave Davis has mastered or authored which have turned up on Discogs. If something's missing, email a link to [email protected] And if your record is not on Discogs, be sure to add it. Your fans will thank you!

  1. Ass Ponys - Some Stupid With A Flare Gun

    8 For Sale from $8.33

    One of the first times I felt like I nailed it on a big artist's record...

  2. Ass Ponys - The Okra Years

    Diving into the past! A reissue of two classic AP records, for Shake It Records, this initiated a string of re-issues undertaken for the label.

  3. Blessid Union Of Souls - Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)

    28 For Sale from $0.90

    Jerry Lane and Ashley Shepherd brought this promo release for Europe and the world; the live track gave me one of my first major credits!

  4. Bombthreat (4) - Destructive Communication

    One of my favorite rap records from my first stint at QCA Studios.

  5. Richard Bone - Ascensionism

    I've done a lot of Richard's records over the years. It was cool to get work from someone I looked up to; A perk of working at QCA were a lot of well known artists from other places, sometimes influential.