Bad Boy Bill B96 Mixes (1989-1998)

By disman00911
updated 5 months ago

One of my favorite DJ mixers was Bad Boy Bill, especially during the 1990s period on WBBM-FM "B96" Chicago, which was a very dance-leaning Rhythmic Top 40 station during much of the decade.

All the songs listed range from house, freestyle, hip house, techno, breakbeat, hard house, tribal house, ghetto house, etc that were featured in his mix sets either on the radio or from his mix CDs and mixtapes from that era, such as the "Hot Mix" series and the first three in the "Bangin' the Box" series since I don't go beyond 1998 in this list.

For the WBMX 80s songlist. go here:

  1. unrleased remix by Mike "Hitman" Wilson