Badstreet U.S.A.

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First Song ever to combine Rock and Roll Music about The Freebirds Wrestling Tag Team and The blond Michael Hayes even sang lead vocals. Plus first record out fro Grand Theft Records, it was a huge hit.

  1. The Grand Theft All Star Band - Slam Jam 1

    The Grand Theft Record co. didnt stop there they produced a ground breaking Video Badstreet U.S.A. that tied with Z.Z.Top for best video at The Texas Annual Buddy Music Awards in 1985 Jimmy Papa produced Badstreet and went on to produce two more CD,s "Off the Streets" and Ted Turners first Rock and Roll wrestling music for the star wrestlers to enter the ring to, it was Slam Jam I of cource the WWF tried its hand at music and Wrestling but like always, when they did not get it they put out a silly novelty record and let the annoucers, wrestlers, birds sing these ridiculous songs, it was panned and forgoten.