Bands I have Seen Live

By ProfanAeon ProfanAeon
updated 5 months ago

Not a complete list by any means....

  1. Skinny Puppy

    Missed seeing them in the real incarnation with Dwayne, sad about that. I remember hearing about the "Last Rites" tour shortly after it happened :(

  2. Front 242

    Drove all the way to Phoenix to see them with a crew from Boulder, '98?. Saw them again at the Ogden in 2006, that was awesome!

  3. Depeche Mode

    Jeremy took Kristy and I to see them, at Fiddlers Green, 2005.

  4. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

    Long live TKK! Good times at the Sextasy Ball with Lords of Acid! '94?
    Seen them a number of times since then....

  5. Front Line Assembly

    Never quite as satisfying to me live. Bill is always replacing synth parts with guitars for the live shows, lame. But pretty good shows, nice "pits".

  6. 6



    OMG it really happened! DT came to the states! Bluebird Theatre, Sept, 2006!

  7. Black Lung

    OMG BLACK LUNG PLAYED DENVER! and I was wasted... it was so awesome though. at the wave or "2101" with Jane Da'Pain doing visuals! Sept, 2006

  8. The Sisters Of Mercy

    They came to the Fillmore in Denver on a US tour in 2004 I think. Went with Kristy and Karla and Carrie and Crew, they were sparkly! ;)

  9. Nachtmahr (2)

    Yes! right at my peak of appreciation for it too. and he played "Meinungsindustrie" by his other project "Seichtum" and that was the BOMB!!! Came to Benders, Denver, fall 2008, then Bunni and I went down to see them him again in the Springs the next night!

  10. Suicide Commando

    One of THREE dates in the US EVER! Denver, City Hall, Sept, 2012 with Josh.
    Oh! Saw them again with Jennifer (J-4) in September 2017 at the oriental theatre.

  11. W.A.S.T.E.

    I think I have now seen them 5 times in Denver! Amazing live band, really a great show. You guys rock! :D

  12. Alter Der Ruine

    Great bunch of guys, really friendly on tour. Awesome live shows! I have seen them at least 3 times now, all in Denver. I got to go on stage and play Cowbell when they opened for Nachtmahr!

  13. Manufactura

    I got to see Karloz live at the Vogue in Seattle!!! Spring 2002, this was a kickass show, with Needle Sharing! and Suzi of course.

  14. Mono-Amine

    OMG this is one of the sickest live PA's by one man you will ever hear in your life. that is if you like it hard... Truly religious.... Vendetta Fest, 2009 & 2010.

  15. Mono No Aware

    Saw him (wasted) at "Homeland Insecurity" the wave, 2006. Then again more focused at the Hi-Dive for Vendetta fest 2008.

  16. Converter

    Saw S. Sturgis play in Seattle, opening up for f-ing VNV Nation of all things, that was bizarre! With Suzy and Iko, was dope, had a mini-pit momentarily, got to dance to some sick shit!

  17. 17



    Vendetta + Deathkon Brought them to Rock Island, March 10, 2006, with Cdatakill, lapsed, Blackcell & Transcendent Device. great show!

  18. Iszoloscope

    Saw them at the Jasmine tree (Chinese rest!) in Portland, early 2003 I think, with Tarmvred, it was sick!

  19. Needle Sharing

    Saw him play with Manufactura at the Vogue in Seattle with Suzi! It was awesome!

  20. Kraftwerk

    Saw them at the Fillmore, maybe 2006? I think I had won free tickets somehow.

  21. Lords Of Acid

    With Tkk for the Sextasy Ball, Mammoth events center, 1995?

  22. Reaxion Guerrilla

    Saw them play the first Vendetta Fest in 2008, and got a demo CD for them and Cold drive, then again open on for Nachtmahr in 2009.

  23. 23



    Some happy weird phreaqy action! 1/25/13 @ Rhino.