Bands I saw live in 2013

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updated over 3 years ago

I'm going to give this a try and see how it turns out. Result = I need to go to more shows.

  1. Bent Shapes

    Headliner of the Allston Pudding Mixtape Release Party at Great Scott on January 30. They need to write more songs so that their set can be longer.

  2. Juan Wauters

    Opened for Veronica Falls at Great Scott on March 9. He wasn't quite solo; there was a guy who controlled lots of light bulbs all over the stage and a girl who sang on some songs. They were fun but the lights were too bright to look at.

  3. Cold Showers

    Opened for Veronica Falls at Great Scott on March 9. I thought they were pretty awesome but there was some dickhead in the audience who said, after the first song, "Well, that was the 80's right there. Maybe their next song will be the 90's and they will work their way up to the present day by the end of their set."

  4. Veronica Falls

    Headliners at Great Scott on March 9. The vocal harmonies aren't quite as crisp in a live setting, but they still sounded really good and it is fun music to dance around to.

  5. Tim Hecker

    Opened for Sigur Rós at Agganis Arena on March 26. I was a little late getting there, so I only heard the end of Tim Hecker's set. It wasn't really the right environment for it, because he was in a huge arena with people filing in to get to their seats. Add in the fact they he was behind a semi-transparent screen and only dimly lit with blue spotlights, and a lot of people didn't even realize that they were listening to a live performance rather than just pre-concert ambient music.

  6. Sigur Rós

    Headliners at Agganis Arena on March 26. Unlike Hecker, this band was fully arena-ready. They started out with video projected on a transparent screen surrounding the stage and then dropped the screen after about half an hour. Lots of big video projection and lighting effects. I enjoyed the first half of their set, which had a lot of their more ambient and prettier material. In the second half, things got too bombastic. I like Sigur Rós way more as incidental sound from another dimension than as a rock band.

  7. White Lung

    Opened for Iceage at TT the Bear's Place on April 17. They seemed ok, but a little formulaic. I'm willing to give them another chance though, because I was standing over near the bar with part of a wall between me and the band, so the sound was awful.

  8. 8



    Headliners at TT the Bear's Place on April 17. Their set was great. They started right off with Ecstacy and the crowd was completely into it. I even managed to overcome my advanced age and get down in the (small) mosh pit. Another stand-out was Morals, but on guitar only (no piano).

  9. Bear In Heaven

    Opened for Wire at the Sinclair on July 12. I think I should have liked this band more. The drummer was great, but the singer / keyboard player rubbed me the wrong way. It's hard to be an opening act.

  10. 10



    Headliners at the Sinclair on July 12. They mostly played their more recent material (Send and later), but they also dropped a glorious version of Map Ref. 41°N 93°W. Gotobed looked totally blissed out behind the drum kit.

  11. Neptune (5)

    Opened for Melt-Banana at the Sinclair on November 3.

  12. Melt-Banana

    Headliners at the Sinclair on November 3. My ears were actually ringing for two days afterwards.