Bands I've Seen Live

By azamarro azamarro
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  1. Daft Punk

    Yes, it was a good time. A bit overhyped and they were pretty much relegated to that pyramid. Made me miss earlier Daft Punk shows that, in my mind, weren't as gimmicky and hyped. Before the Gap ads and robot helmets and artsy boring films. Of course I've never seen them in their earlier days so I wouldn't know. Let's just say if I were to choose between "Alive 1997" and "Alive 2007" I'd go with the 1997 one.

  2. Cornelius

    Perfectly synchronized show! Baffled as to how they were able to play "Fit Song" live since the timing is so confusing. Another highlight was during "Wataridori", mid-song they all stopped what they were doing to play only windchimes. Pretty funny and unexpected. Also they brought an audience member up on the stage to play a theremin solo on another song!

  3. "Weird Al" Yankovic

    My first concert! 8th grade: me and a couple of friends, my sister, and my mom. Very funny show, but it's pretty fuzzy now in my mind.

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    Pretty much the most effective live performance I've ever seen for an electronic artist. Simple setup: MPC and a couple keyboards. He builds his tracks from the ground up, layer by layer. You need to see him rocking out on that MPC! And then it loops and he comes up with the most funked up synth riffs and sings on top of it! One year during the Electronic Music Festival I followed him around all the after-parties he was playing at just to see it over and over!

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  7. The Album Leaf

    They played at C-Pop Art Gallery in Detroit on the 2nd floor, kind of a loft setting. Well anyway they had Christmas lights everywhere and it was snowing outside and they were playing a lot of "warm" instrumental music. All that was missing was some hot chocolate and a nice sweater.

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    I've seen these guys at least four times! Pretty much not a band anymore though.

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