Bands I've Seen Live

By GonzoZoltard
updated over 5 years ago

This list is not finished.

  1. I've been fortunate enough to see the Melvins live around 10-12 times between 1998 and now. They NEVER dissapoint and put on the best shows i've ever witnessed. Most memorable show took place in 2000 at this shithole called the Emerson Theatre in Indianapolis. Theres no other band on the planet i care about more then these guys.

  2. × of those 2 will always be one of my all time favorite shows, Summer of 2000 in Knoxville Tn. @ the Historic Tn Theatre. Place was immaculate and like a giant genie bottle on the inside. Or maybe that was just the acid i ate before the show. Lol...lovely experience.

  3. Recently and finally got to see this amazing band on the reunion tour. Missed em the first time around, but i've been a huge fan since I was 12 years old...the show was quite the experience. Amazing Amazing Amazing! They played material exclusively spanning their first 5 albums and it was glorious. 3 1/2 hours of pure bliss for me and my wife. Watching Corgan play & nail the solo from "Siva" from about 10 rows back was alone worth the price of admission. Soul shattering and magical! The entire show was magical! It felt like a dream in every sense of the word. I never would have guessed seeing them together again would be possible. It may just be the best show i've ever witnessed. I only hope they keep the train a rolling so I can see em again and again and again. I will never miss them when they roll thru my town in the future.

  4. I seen Shellac in some church in Louisville, i wanna say it was 2001 or 2002, not positive about that tho. It was something to witness let me tell you. One of the most ferocious acts i've ever witnessed, abrassive as fuck and super tight. A well oiled machine that Shellac. I remember Albini heckling the audience a few times as well. Good times...Shipping News opened...would fucking kill to see them again.

  5. I've seen Dino once, at Headliners in Louisville, i believe it was on the Farm tour, i'm sure it was. So 2009ish. J took me to ear bleeding country! I stood right in front of him and his stacks thru the entire set. Big mistake. I remember a chick behind me asking me if i had earplugs before they took the stage as she put hers in. I laughed at her, "i dont need no stinking earplugs". I was SO wrong. J destroyed my eardrums, they wrang for 3 days. No regrets tho. It was beautiful. Watching him play felt like watching Hendrix in some sense, almost the modern day equivelant. Such an amazing often overlooked guitar player. I feel really fortunate that i got to see them. If u ever have the chance dont miss em. I believe Easy Action opened that nite.

  6. Early to Mid 2000s, Headliners. Most energetic show i've ever attended. The crowd was alive that nite and Mudhoney fucking killed it!

  7. I caught the Cramps in '97 or '98 at Bogarts in Cincinnati. So glad i got to see them before they called it quits.

  8. Seen GBV twice in the mid 2000s, incredible both times. They like to play for a LOONG time. Like 4+ hours.

  9. I caught a Melt-Banana show sometime around the turn of the century in a tiny club in Louisville called the Rudyard Kipling.

  10. Flamming Theremins and Surf Guitars!

  11. Saw these guys at Zanzabar in Louisville and they were glorious. Had about an hour long conversation with Dylan after the show. Super nice dude.

  12. Early 2000s at some basement venue in of the loudest shows i've witnessed. The entire venue was awash in the sent of leather when they hit the stage.

  13. Seen these guys 4 times now. So incrediblely beautiful each time.

  14. This collective put my jaw on the fucking floor live. The wall of sound they managed to generate was like the booming voice of gods wrath.

  15. 15

    Caught these guys at the Southgate house in Newport Ky in '07 i believe. Incredible!

  16. Ozzfest '98...the attendees set the fields ablaze while they played. A sight to behold.

  17. Seen the Biz a few times, opening for and as a part of the Melvins. They pummeled the shit out of my soul everytime.

  18. This band was another Pallbearer opener who just fucking floored the shit out of me.The finest Psychedelic Doom Metal. LOVE these guys!

  19. Opened for the Melvins and blew me the fuck away! That Drummer!!!

  20. Saw these guys do an in store accoustic set at Ear-X-Tacy in Louisville.

  21. Husband and wife duo who opened for the Melvins and then joined the Melvins for the set closer that nite. A monstrous version of Roman Dog Bird/Hung was like a personal religous experience for me.

  22. Imagine if Black Sabbath, the Doors, the Stooges, Fleetwood Mac & Nirvana could Merge into one band. Thats pretty close to the vibe I felt watching these guys play live. They were incredible!

  23. Another Pallbearer opener who blew me away. Oh so Gooood!

  24. Finally got to catch these guys last week. Actually got to talk to Dorthia briefly when we arrived, super nice and super humble. I'm a HUGE fan, I love every one of their albums, but the show wasnt that great, close to being the last show on the tour, they were tired, and the set was plagued with sound issues. Dorthias vocals completely dropped out 3 or 4 times, and Parker had trouble with his Bass rig early on, possibly blew a head. They didnt let those issues stop them tho. They finished the set pretty strong actually, Garrets guitar playing was fluid and on point thru the entire set. Dude is a fucking monster! They played an encore and I managed to snag the set list. Not the greatest of shows but I enjoyed the hell out of myself and I'm glad I got to see em.

  25. 25

    In a perfect world this band would be fucking huge right now. They should be. Caught them in a tiny bar in Louisville with about 20 other people in attendance and they were phenomonal! Easily one of the most intense shows i've attended! Transendental bliss for my soul. I got completely lost in their cosmic psychedelic doom! Wizards of their craft. Just beautiful! Talked to them after their set and picked up some shirts and the new album which they happily signed for me. Thanks guys! Cant wait to see them again!