Bands seen Live

By onetwothreeclimb
updated 3 days ago

  1. early Eighties, Domicile, Leopldstrasse, Munich

  2. Munich, Schwabinger Bräu, Münchner Freiheit, 1981, 1982 ?

  3. in the early 80ies in Schwabing, Munich
    No memory exept that the DJ was working with three decks.

  4. Schwabinger Bräu, Munich, early 80ies

  5. Schwabinger Bräu, Munich, early 80ies. Jazz Rock........oh my God :-)

  6. Munich, 80ies, Cirkus Krone, he was playing two concerts after another that night

  7. Maybe sometime in the Eighties, in some Munich Bar

  8. probably June, 1983, Let's Dance Tour

  9. Cirkus Krone, Munich, early 80ies

  10. Eighties
    Unterfahrt, Munich

  11. Deutsches Museum, early 80ies

  12. 80ies, Deutsches Museum, Munich

  13. 80ies, Vielharmonie, Munich.
    This venue does not exist anymore since decades

  14. Cirkus Krone. mid-late eighties

  15. 6 For Sale from $8.00

    Seen both togeher at Cirkus Krone, Munich - 80ies

  16. Maybe mid-Eighties - Paris

  17. 80ies

  18. somewhere in Munich a long time ago

  19. maybe pre-Manege, München 85, 86?

  20. Manege, München 80ies

  21. 4.12.1986 Alabamacafe

  22. 23.01.1987 Olympiahalle
    Nathan East on Bass the only thing I remember

  23. 25

    80ies, Could have been in the Alabamacafe, Munich