Belgian 60's Greatest Pop/Rock/Psychedelic/Rock & Roll / Soul/ Folk and Beat songs !!

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A collection of the best Belgian singles in the period between 1960 and 1969. Most of them are in my collection, but not all. Some great rock & roll, psychedelic rock , poprock, garagerock, freakbeat, beat, soul, R&B, instrumentals and pop ballads. Both in English and French and some in Dutch.

  1. The Pebbles - Seven Horses In The Sky

    14 For Sale from $3.30

    One of the classics in Belgian pop rock history. The galloping horses are unforgettable. From 1968 !

  2. The Spirits (5) - So Sad / My Heart Cries

    Some great fuzz guitar on this one from 1967

  3. New Inspiration - Judy Please

    25 For Sale from $0.60

    This band made several good pop songs, and this one have a catchy refrain. From 1969 !

  4. Injun Joe - Indian Priest / Someone

    1 For Sale from $82.42

    Two members from the fabulous Belgian "The Jokers", wrote the song and recorded it under "Injun Joe". A one-time release in 1969!

  5. Tenderfoot Kids - The Bird And The Hunter / Tomorrow, The Moon

    6 For Sale from $10.98

    Both sides are leaning towards great psychedelic rock songs. Released in 1969. Pierre Rapsat , who wrote the songs became famous as a contestant for the Eurovison Song Contest in 1976.

  6. The Twilights (9) - Milkbar / Little Lad

    Two great sides, they had listened closely to the "Sgt. Pepper" album from The Beatles . Year is 1969 !

  7. The Soul Fingers - No Return / I'm Happy

    3 For Sale from $87.90

    Their only single from 1969. And strong soul/pop dancing record.

  8. François Nicot - Shoffy On' Dabe / Mad Jane

    4 For Sale from $32.97

    From the french side of Belgium, Haunting psych song from 1967.

  9. Guy Morgan & The Mustangs - Tortured Prisoner

    2 For Sale from $38.46

    From 69, their only 45, an American soul - pop song.

  10. Davy Jr. And Guess Who* - Party In Joe Graig's Bar

    7 For Sale from $21.97

    Two great instrumentals ! A side an Psychedelic soulfull strong song. This one dates 1969!

  11. Dan Ellery - No Other Baby / Bop-A-Lena

    7 For Sale from $3.85

    A and B side, are two strong rock & roll sides. From 1965

  12. The Blue Devils (2) - That Infined Be

    1 For Sale from $43.96

    Written and performed by members of The Jokers. A great popsong with changing moods. Released in 1967!

  13. The Sonny Boys - Midnight Train / You And Me

    2 For Sale from $54.89

    A side a strong rock song, and B side a traditional ballad. 1969 !

  14. The Mec-Op-Singers - Dies Irae

    A side a strange lament, intriguing song and B side is a "surfpop" song. Their first big hit in 1966 !

  15. The Young Devils - Hey You

    1 For Sale from $219.78

    A side is a ballad with a great guitar playing and B side is R&R. Leadsinger Dany Fabry became a famous artist in Belgium. From 1964 !

  16. Ferre Grignard - Ring, Ring, I've Got To Sing / We Want War

    10 For Sale from $5.49

    Belgian's Bob Dylan; protest singer, folk-artist. First single and two great songs. From 1966

  17. The Garnets - The Cellar Of Narcotics / A Sunny Walk In Rainy Days

    Their first single 1968. Both sides sounds psychedelic beatpop.

  18. The Snakes (3) - Don't Set Me Free

    From 1968, their strongest rock song. In the seventies it was a bit softer.

  19. The Shakes (9) - Shoot Me Baby / You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

    From 1968, two great sides. A side is great blues-rock and B side is the best version I know for this Beatles song.

  20. The Small Rhapsody - Nobody But You

    2 For Sale from $57.14

    From 1969, their only output. Freakbeat on both sides.

  21. Little Chris (7) And The Boumerangs* - Walking / Girl Of Radium

    From 1966, freakbeat on B side, pop on the A side.

  22. André Brasseur - Waiting For You / Now That You're Gone

    9 For Sale from $4.34

    Normal a instrumentalist with a great output in instrumentals. But this shouter from 1967 is one of his few vocal songs.

  23. The Cousins - All Right Mamma / Four Sailors Back Home

    3 For Sale from $82.42

    Topband from the early sixties, but in 1966 they released this garagesong backed with a strong r&r song.

  24. The Pebbles - Let's Say Goodbye

    4 For Sale from $5.49

    From 1965, their first single with two strong popsongs!!

  25. The Paramounts (2) - I'll Never Say Goodbay / About Girls

    4 For Sale from $49.45

    From the city Gent, this 1965 release had a swearing ballad on A side and a R&R shouter on the B side.