Best Ibiza and Related Label Tunes

By O_Z O_Z
updated over 6 years ago

The best tunes on Ibiza/Limited E/Kemet/3rd Party etc.

  1. Noise Factory - The Buzz / Imperative

    Both sides good tunes, played out by Top Buzz.

  2. Noise Factory - Who Are You / The Dungeon

    15 For Sale from $1.92

    Two good tunes here, Who are you sounds similar to earlier release Imperative then totally changes into a leftfield sample.

  3. X-Certificate (2) - Take Me

    5 For Sale from $10.29

    Take me is a nice tune but dark affair is amazing, really underrated tune on the flip side.
    Would sound at home on Reinforced - sounds like Ruffige Kru or Doc Scott production.

  4. Ent.T. - Dredman

    9 For Sale from $3.85

    First release ever by Technical Itch.
    Sounds quite different to other Ibiza tunes.
    Good EP.

  5. Bad Girl (3) - Bad Girl

    Huge rave anthem.

  6. Noise Factory - Box Bass / Recession Time

    Box Bass is one of the first tunes to have the 'noise factory' sound.
    Jungle type beats and sparse stabs and samples. Very much ahead of its time.

  7. Ibiza Crew - Lady Feeling / Round House

    5 For Sale from $3.85

    Round house is a nice rework of Rhythm Warfare ‎– Two Notches

  8. Ibiza Crew - Let Me Love You

    12 For Sale from $1.93

    Samples heavily from Kariya. B-side is nice also.

  9. Noise Factory - My Mind

    6 For Sale from $10.29

    Be free is the best track on here and was re-released as part of fourplay ep on XL.
    Other tracks are decent also.

  10. Noise Factory - The Fire

    8 For Sale from $109.43

    All about one side on this release, the fire and skin teeth. Both classics but the fire seems to be more popular with most.

  11. Noise Factory - Alienation EP

    6 For Sale from $28.31

    This doesn't sound like it was produced by Noise Factory at all but don't be disappointed as all tracks are amazing. All crew and Mr Sulu are arguably the standouts.

  12. Noise Factory - The Capsule EP

    10 For Sale from $77.24

    Another great EP. Breakage #4 is the most well known with it's "i bring you the future vocal". Straight from the bedroom is great also.

  13. Noise Factory - Year Of The Ladies EP

    10 For Sale from $12.88

    Ladies choice and 123 O'clock rock are the tunes to go for here. Great use of samples here - another essential EP.