Best Of 2012 (so far)

By La_Monte_Old La_Monte_Old
updated over 2 years ago

in random order

  1. Electric Sewer Age - Moon's Milk In Final Phase

    9 For Sale from $21.59

    a must have for every Coil fan

  2. Black Rain (4) - Now I'm Just A Number: Soundtracks 1994-95

    6 For Sale from $22.08

    the techno tracks are actually boring but the ambient/tribal tracks are really good.

  3. Djorvin Clain - Pattern Of Thought

    5 For Sale from $23.86

    Finally someone who takes the "dubtechno" style further.
    A very original sounding and diverse album from a producer who doesn't push things and only cares about quality, not quantity.

  4. La Mort De L'Hippocampe - Symphonie Neuronale

    6 For Sale from $20.45

    Top notch stuff. Everyone who's into H.N.A.S. or Nurse With Wound will love this.

    "ja wij zijn zat"

  5. Vazz / La Bambola Del Dr Caligari - Whisper Not / The Wrong Holiday

    6 For Sale from $16.82

    Huge, huge reissue. Very enjoyable 80's cold wave/dark wave whatever tracks from two obscure groups. FN is easily becoming on of my favourite labels.

  6. Korpses Katatonik - Oeuvres Complètes

    4 For Sale from $18.18

    Reissue/compilation of rare pre-Zero Kama tracks tracks from Michael De Witt. Disturbing and ritualistic music.

  7. Sema - Time Will Say Nothing 1982-1984

    2 For Sale from $85.23

    Reissue of the year, period.

  8. Wicked Messenger - Infinite Presence

    5 For Sale from $6.00

    Perfect dungeon music

  9. ZK - Another World Entire

    Too bad this is an mp3-only release as the music is fantastic but: support the artist and buy it!

  10. Unit Moebius Anonymous - SD23

    3 For Sale from $19.32

    the good old UM-style as it was in 1993, a very good doublepack

  11. UV Pop - No Songs Tomorrow

    32 For Sale from $5.00

    Grand from start to finish.