Best Of 2015 (so far)

By La_Monte_Old La_Monte_Old
updated 11 months ago

In random order

  1. Hans Essel - Zeitfalten

    2 For Sale from $47.45


  2. Michael Ranta - Yuen Shan

    15 For Sale from $27.85

    Stunning album

  3. Gil J Wolman* - Wolman Et Son Double

    9 For Sale from $14.04

    An important historical document

  4. Robert Filliou - Whispered History Of Art

    3 For Sale from $23.96

    An important historical Fluxus document

  5. Hafdís Bjarnadóttir - Sounds Of Iceland

    7 For Sale from $13.48

    Intruiging to say the least

  6. Oren Ambarchi - Sleepwalker’s Conviction

    12 For Sale from $16.74

    I wouldn't call myself an Ambarchi fan, in 90 % of the cases I don't like it all (not because I consider him as a dull artist or a bad craftsman, it's just a matter of taste)but when he focusses on deep, dark soundscapes I'm mostly very impressed. Sleepwalker's Conviction is the latter and it's f*cking amazing!

  7. Arnold Dreyblatt - Second Selection

    6 For Sale from $24.31

    Compilation of early work

  8. Crys Cole - Sand / Layna

    16 For Sale from $8.99

    Masterpiece, I really like Crys Cole's work. I'll pick up more of her music for sure.

  9. Hands To - Rough Music: The Hands To Library

    1 For Sale from $42.25

    compilation dvd of every - yes EVERY - album from Hands To at a low price, with good music only and fantastic artwork. What else could one wish?

  10. Richard Maxfield - Richard Maxfield

    1 For Sale from $78.54

    Historical document. Fantastic music!

  11. Philip Corner - PoorManMusic

    6 For Sale from $18.30

    Philip Corner is a genius

  12. Tapage & Espoir (2) - Poetic Infomercial Experimentalism

    1 For Sale from $9.55

    a tape that will be overlooked I guess and that's a pity because it's really good