Best Of russian techno dance music 1993-2003

updated over 2 years ago

  1. The Fantom - Psychotropical Party

    The first and only one album of legendary synth/techno duo "The Fantom" (St.Petersburg).
    "Let's go... Into the darkness...".

  2. The Cool Front* - The Cool Front

    1 For Sale from $49.67

    Debut album of the oldest Russian techno group from Moscow. Published in 1993 on General Records.

  3. Новые Композиторы* = New Composers - Спутник = Sputnik

    1 For Sale from $29.80

    The oldest electronic group from St.Petersburg (formed in 1983). They the first in USSR wrote and produced a vinyl release in a house music style ("Sputnik Of Life" - ARK Records, 1990 UK).

  4. Русский Размер - Ю-А-Ю

    4 For Sale from $124.16

    Debut and best album of the well-known techno-beat group "Russian Size" from St.Petersburg. Recommended!

  5. MIDI Control - New Dance Music From Russia Vol. 1

    It's the first Russian album written in hard-trance style and the second album in a discography of Midi-Control project.

  6. Transdriver - Vol#1 Transoverdrive

    4 For Sale from $18.63

    One of the earliest Russian albums (1995), containing tracks in styles hardcore & jungle.

  7. TXM Project - The Ethnic Story

    19 For Sale from $9.87

    Proto-psychedelic album which has been written by the members of techno projects Midi-Control and Triplex.

  8. Arrival - 2096

    Very first official release of russian techno label Electric Records (was based in Moscow in 1995).
    Super techno duo ARRIVAL was formed in 1987 and it's one of the key figures in history of Russian electronic dance music. The group played in many styles - synth-pop, house, trance, hardcore & eurodance and still remains to one of leading techno-projects in Russia...

  9. Техно Dэнс Клуб* - Маленький Подарок Для Тебя

    2 For Sale from $12.41

    First album of Moscow tech-dance project TDC, consisting of two musicians: Dmitry Mashukov & Vadim Ugrumov (better known as "Motor")

  10. Radiotrance - К Звездам! (Через Тернии)

    1 For Sale from $80.72

    Debut work of the legendary russian trance group. This album was written in 1994/1995 but published in 1996 on the Electric Records.

  11. Saw Angels - Зарождение (The Germ)

    5 For Sale from $68.30

    The first russian album which has been written in Goa Trance style. Saw Angels was formed in 1993.
    Info about group:

  12. Radiotrance - Полёт Нормальный

    1 For Sale from $93.13

    Second album of legendary russian trance group.
    Includes two super goa trance tracks: Vostok-5 & Plasma.

  13. Эррайвэл* - Пространство И Время

    7 For Sale from $4.95

    Amazing synth-pop album from ARRIVAL group. Highly recommended! 5/5

  14. Techno Dance Club - Multirave

    6 For Sale from $6.21

    Second album from TechnoDanceClub. More dancing, more energy!!!

  15. Action Directe (2) - Phluide

    The debut album of the well-known trance group from Tallinn (Estonia).

  16. Bethoven - Star Revolution

    4 For Sale from $28.56

    Russian techno-rave group from St.Petersburg. Reminds me an early works of Scooter.

  17. Transport (4) - Поехали (Go)

    5 For Sale from $8.00

    First and only one album from trance-pop group from Moscow... Go!!!

  18. Douse - Born In ChillOut

    Dmitry Postovalov's (Arrival Group) solo project. This work deticated to memory of the Russian promoter Evgeny Zhmakin (ЖЖ).

  19. Arrival - Progressive For Clubs

    1 For Sale from $13.99

    One of the best progressive house albums on the russian dance scene. My favourite!!!

  20. Transdriver - Analogue Terror

    Second album of the well-known trance group from Moscow. Former member of group Vasiliy Markelov left the project in 2000 and soon based the own solo-project "Psykovsky".

  21. Triplex - Катапульта

    10 For Sale from $3.99

    First and best album of the well-known progressive house project from Moscow.

  22. Various - Транссибирский Экспресс

    "Trans-Siberian Express" - it's the unique double compilation of the Russian electronic music including tracks of techno projects from Moscow and also from Ural and Siberian regions of Russia. Printed in USA.

  23. Spirals - Рыбий Жир

    1 For Sale from $372.52

    Russian analog of world famous groups The Prodigy and Chemical Bros.

  24. Arrival Project - Teleportation

    Solo project of Dmitry Postovalov from the Arrival techno-dance group (Moscow).

  25. Transdriver - Psychedelic Sound Art

    Third album of the well-known trance group from Moscow. It is published in the Czech republic.
    "Flight in depth of feelings" :)