Best Old School Goa Trance Album of All Time

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The best of the Old School Goa Trance Album of All Time before the 20's. Artist album only.

It's in ORDER !!! and may change by the time.

AND NO, pleiadians - I.F.O. dosen't deserve a place in this top 10, because it's way overrated.

* Under construction, not finish yet...

  1. Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

    4 For Sale from $20.00

    This is the best Goa trance album of all the time, one of my favourites. It was hard to choose between ''We created our own happiness'' and this album for the first place. Through the simplicity of the structure of the songs, we perceive the traces of a real genius. The whole album is a work of art and takes us into his world all along listening. The sounds used are unique and pleasurable. Please buy it NOW !

    Legendary Tracks:
    Psychic Influence, Deep Space 5D.

    Key tracks:

  2. X.Dream* - We Created Our Own Happiness

    6 For Sale from $9.99

    This is one of the best album i've ever heard, all the song are excellent and provide an unique atmosphere. I include this album in my top 5 of the most important electronic music masterpiece. X-dream have their particular style focusing on the structure of their music.The harmony of musical elements is legendary and incredibly well built, it seems that their songs were created by God himself, particularly Do you believe, The Second Room (A-Trip) and Aurorix. Indeed, the arrangement of the melodies and basslines is close to perfect harmony. Their style is moving a little bit to the psy-trance and make sure you listen to their album ''Radio'' and ''Transilvania in the mix'' that I have not included in this list because I categorizes more like psy-trance.

    Legendary tracks:
    The Second Room (A-Trip), Do You Believe, Aurorix.

    Key Tracks:
    Every f*cking tracks !!!

  3. Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite

    14 For Sale from $2.84

    Here is another of my favorite albums of goa trance. In this legendary album, Juno Reactor has demonstrated the most unique style I had the opportunity to hear. Each song is unique and shows that the arrangement of the more unusual sounds may give rise to real masterpieces. Several songs include excessively pleasurable moments to listen and it's a great satisfaction to my ears. All the songs on this album are excellent, but I have a slight penchant for Mars, Magnetic, Ice Cube and Razorback, which are more pleasant to listen to. The masterpiece of the album is certainly Rotorblade, which is a real journey to another world.

    Legendary Tracks:
    Rotorblade, Magnetic, Mars, Ice Cube.

    Key Tracks:
    ALL !!!!

  4. Blue Planet Corporation - Blue Planet

    It's not very Goa, but it's very progressive and melodic, a dreamy journey with a bit of goa sound ! For the people who loves space and melodic music.

    Legendary Tracks:
    Alidade (!!!), Atoll, Roma

    Key Tracks:
    Crystal, Arcana

  5. Koxbox - Dragon Tales

    6 For Sale from $28.00

    This album is THE definition of psychedelic music. It's very weird and it's so good at the same time, really orgasmic !

    Legendary Tracks:
    Life Is, Electronic Brainwash.

    Key Tracks:
    D.M. Turner, Colordrops, Stratosfierce 2001.

  6. Zirrex - Lost In Time

    Legendary Tracks:
    Mars-4, Voyage.

    Key tracks:
    X-Indiane, Psycho Goblins, Lost In Time, Power Bass.

  7. Hallucinogen - Twisted

    9 For Sale from $5.00

    Legendary Tracks:
    Alpha Centauri, Solstice.

  8. Astral Projection - Trust In Trance

    The sound of Astral Projection sounds a bit mainstream, but it's a real pleasure to listen and it's almost orgasmic. Their strength lies mainly in their melodies which are extremely catchy and fluid.

    Legendary tracks:
    Kabalah (!!!), People Can Fly, Still Dreaming, Utopia.