Best releases of 2013

By NolanCa NolanCa
updated over 3 years ago

My favorite releases of 2013 in no particular order.

  1. Solipsism & Nacht Plank - Opiate Odyssey

    ...txt relaunches and as expected we're treated to some excellent releases! Lee Anthony Norris and Solipsism team up and create an excellent, dreamy, sonic journey!

  2. Ashtoreth's Gate - Shadow Of The Bowman

    One of my favorite discs to sit back and unwind to after a busy work day! The gorgeous atmosphere that Lee Anthony Norris and Craig Murphy create is easy to get lost in.

  3. Stormloop - Arctic Conditions

    The perfect soundtrack for a cold, snow covered winter. Icy tones that conjure beautiful arctic imagery.

  4. Autumn Of Communion - Autumn Of Communion 3.5

    1 For Sale from $245.61

    ...but three excellent Autumn Of Communion releases this year! When Lee Anthony Norris and Mick Chillage work together you can always expect to hear some of the most stunning electronic soundscapes! All three releases are truly beautiful and timeless!

  5. µ-Ziq - Chewed Corners

    6 For Sale from $10.00

    A well-crafted melodic return from Mike Paradinas.

  6. Chris Weeks - Contemplation Moon

    1 For Sale from $67.54

    Gorgeous soundtrack for stargazing. Sit back and stare up at the clear, vast, star filled galaxy in amazement, wonder, and awe over its beauty!

  7. Lorenzo Montanà - Eilatix

    5 For Sale from $8.00

    An album full of beautiful, uplifting melodies and creative drum patterns. One of the most addictive releases I picked up this year. I keep coming back to this one.

  8. Moss Garden - Understanding Holy Ghosts

    1 For Sale from $38.93

    Beautiful and breathtaking. This is essential ambient music!

  9. Porya Hatami And Lee Anthony Norris* - Every Day Feels Like A New Drug

    1 For Sale from $45.00

    Lee Anthony Norris and Porya Hatami combine gorgeous sonic textures with classical elements to create this timeless masterpiece. Beautiful.

  10. Autechre - Exai

    24 For Sale from $8.00

    Autechre return with their trademark intricate sonic trickery. In my opinion this is one of their more accessible releases of recent years.

  11. Atom™ - HD

    17 For Sale from $12.00

    Atom™ is back with another glitchy pop album and this is his best one yet!

  12. Indiana Drones - Indiana Drones

    5 For Sale from $15.00

    Material Object and Phonaut collaborate to create some hauntingly beautiful sonic textures. Gorgeous sci-fi ambience!

  13. Eeem [eim] - Peregrination

    An immersive blend of field recordings and ambient soundscapes. A beautiful release that's easy to get lost in.

  14. Various - Die Welt Ist Klang: A Tribute To Pete Namlook

    Epic tribute to honor the life of the inspiring, innovative, and influential ambient pioneer Pete Namlook.

  15. Atom™ - Lassigue Bendthaus / Matter

    I know this is a reissue but I'm going to include it anyway. Excellent early industrial/electronic release by Uwe Schmidt with some great bonus material. Well worth it!