Black Metal Ist Krieg

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Black Metal bands kick serious ass.

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    The infamous Varg Vikernes' band. Everything from Burzum (1992) to Filsofem (1996) is killer.
    My personal favourite black metal band.

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    1st and 3rd album is all that matters. Extremely raw with next to no production.

  3. Mysticum

    In The Streams of Inferno has heavy industrial vibes to it. Which in my book, is always a +1.

  4. Darkthrone

    What do I need to say? Its Darkthrone. Trve Kvlt black metal.

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    Deathcrush and De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas are the go to albums. RIP Dead.

  6. Emperor (2)

    I believe that In The Nightside Eclipse is one of the best ever albums. Like Honestly, It's amazing beginning to end.

  7. Immortal

    Who doesn't love Immortal? Battles In The North is amazing and everytime I listen to it I'm singing along with Blashrykh (Mighty Ravendark).

  8. Nakkiga

    Nakkiga is honestly one of my top favourite modern black metal bands. They kick serious ass. I wouldn't say they're folk/black, but the chanting is amazing.

  9. Dark Forest (2)

    Black metal from the home country! A one man band that proves to be one of the top bands.

  10. Satyricon

    From the scene surrounding Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum, etc. One of the originals and one of the greats. Sick riffs and sick chants.

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    Russian black metal that is very, very folky... But in a good way...

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    These guys play some serious raw black metal. A modern Darkthrone if you will.

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    An elusive band that I can't gather too much information on. I seriously hope they haven't split up... because Graveforests And Their Shadows (2007) is overtly amazing!

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    Ygg (3)

    Ygg (3)

    Not sure how to pronounce this one. comparable to Walknut or Emperor... sorta... Definitely doing they're own thing though.

  15. Grave Desecrator

    They play a Death/Black metal mix.

    Now I'm not really a fan of death metal, (except for Death, Fear Factory and various others) but these guys throw down some good ass music!

  16. Batushka

    Heavy folk/black metal vibes. Definitely worth checking out.

  17. Proclamation

    They play a Death/Black metal mix.

    Another Death/Black metal that I actually like... They split up and mainly became Teitanblood and Sacrificio.

  18. Blasphemy (2)

    They play a Death/Black metal mix.

    More black metal from the home land! And more Death/Black metal... Where could you go wrong?

  19. Teitanblood

    They play a Death/Black metal mix.

    The first ounce of noise I heard from these guys was extremely bassy, and also extremely good. Also I say "ounce of noise" because THAT SHIT IS HEAVY AS FUCK!

  20. The Black

    Another elusive band. Too bad to... because The Priest of Satan (1994) is like Satyricon. And that shits good.

  21. Enslaved

    A band from the Norwegian 90s that (I think) gets tucked away into the back. Black metal with just a pinch of progressive added to it.

  22. Falkenbach

    If you liked Drudkh or Batushka you're gonna like these guys even more!

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    Like Industrial? Like Black metal? Listen to these mother fuckers! Up to Passage (1996) anyways.

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    Bathory. One of the original black metal bands. A good start is either The Return... (1985) or Under The Sign of The Black Mark (1987). RIP Quorthon.

  25. Sacramentum

    Do you remember your first love? The first time your dad took you to a baseball game? Forget those useless memories! Because Once you hear these guys its going to be far more memorable!