Bloody Fist Records Completist Guide: Regeneration

By legumes-SALES legumes-SALES
updated over 8 years ago

Releases by all artists who appeared on the label, post-October 2004 (part 1 is here). Emphasis is on original releases.

artist list:

1. Entries 1-7 are labels run by Bloody Fist Records alumni.
2. Excluded are CD compilations with old tracks (e.g. Thunderdome).
3. Excluded are all DJ mixes, appearances in DJ sets / live sets on other labels, and mastering jobs.
4. Excluded are remixes by non-alumni.
5. Rage Reset, Luke Hoskins are arbitrarily excluded.
6. I'm not affiliated with any of the listed entities.

  1. dEAdGirL

    Xylocaine's label


    Epsilon's label

  3. Hardline Rekordingz

    paulblackout's label since November 2003.

    Releases from "HLINE 13" onwards.

  4. Not On Label (Justin Wolthers Self-released)

    For music released specifically by Justin Wolthers, as found on tours and sold or given away via personal websites. This is not an actual label.

  5. Old Rope

    Mark N's reissue label

  6. B.I.N.T. - Problem One Remixes

    "B.I.N.T. - Problem One (Hedonist Remix)"
    "B.I.N.T. - Problem One (Paul Blackout's Got 99 Problems But A B.I.N.T. Ain't One)"

  7. B.I.N.T. - Spider's Webs & Magic

    "B.I.N.T. - Handle Your Biz (Paul Blackout's 3 Weeks I'll Never Get Back Remix)"

  8. Blades (3) - The Leak

    Blades - We Run This Shit" (Scratches - Mark N)

  9. Blades (3) - This Instalment

    4 For Sale from $6.80

    "Blades - Blast Opposition" (Producer, Scratches - Mark N)
    "Blades - Suckatash" (Scratches - Mark N)

  10. BudBurNerZ - Hard Twisted Mindz

    5 For Sale from $3.11

    "BudBurNerZ - Watatekoku (Epsilon's Remix)"
    "BudBurNerZ - Witchburner (Xylocaïne's Remix)"


  11. BudBurnerz - Hard Twisted Mindz - Remix Project

    7 For Sale from $8.33

    "BudBurNerZ - Watatekoku (Epsilon's Remix)"
    "BudBurNerZ - Witchburner (Xylocaïne's Remix)"


  12. Epsilon - Smash Casio Insides

    The Killing Sheep logo was designed by Epsilon.

  13. Frazzbass - Fuckparade 2007 (Support CD)

    1 For Sale from $14.58

    "Patricider - You Win"

    Also features a nonexclusive Epsilon track.

  14. Komprex vs. Frazzbass - Resurrection EP

    8 For Sale from $6.20

    Artwork [Zombie-pic] by Epsilon.

  15. Gabba Front Berlin - Emoticons Stole My Face

    2 For Sale from $48.19

    Artwork [Infoside Drawing] by Epsilon.