Born* in New Jersey

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Born and/or otherwise connected to New Jersey

  1. Bud is from Asbury Park, Lou is from Paterson

  2. 2

    Age 12 started singing at the Canaan Baptist Church on East 22nd Street in Paterson. Eventually she became disenchanted with the record industry and is now (as of 2023) a fourth grade school teacher in North Carolina. Her first album went Gold in the U.S., Platinum in Europe.

  3. The German-born patent clerk-turned-renowned theoretical physicist spent the last 20 years of his life living in a modest white cottage on Mercer Street near Lovers Lane around the corner from Princeton University where he worked.

  4. Jersey City

  5. Wife of Joyce Kilmer; lived in Stillwater Township.

  6. 6

    (Linden) The founding duo originally thought of calling themselves "Alliance Two" but then decided on "Aly-us" -- a play on words to mean "An alliance between us". The "us" being Eddie Lewis & William Jennings.

  7. Newark

  8. Newark

  9. 9

    Jersey City

  10. Born in Livingston, grew up in Union Township

  11. Newark

  12. Jersey City

  13. Long Branch

  14. Plainfield

  15. 17


  16. Atlantic City

  17. Union City

  18. East Orange

  19. Long Branch

  20. Paterson

  21. Westfield

  22. Livingston

  23. Jersey City