Broken Music

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Broken Music shows works of visual artists created with and for the medium of the record: records, record covers, record-objects, record installations." - Ursula Block, from her introductory text.

Broken Music was an exhibition of artists' recordworks collected for the daadgalerie, Germany by Ursula Block and Michael Glasmeier. A 280 page book with a compendium of visual and textural data about the exhibited items was published in 1989. Included with the book is the Milan Knížák - Broken Music (Details) flexi disc.

The selection of titles is based on four criteria:

C over - Record covers, which are original works by visual artist, or which have been made after the design of a visual artist

O bject - Records with object-character, sculptures which utilize records artistically and sculptures in which records serve the function of a plastic material

P ublication - Exhibition catalogues and books, which contain a record for additional information

S ound - Records, which have sound produced by visual artists

missing from Discogs:
Rolf-Peter Baacke - Luxus: Ton Not•Not Ton [P]
Fritz Balthaus - Der Schallplatten [O]
Claus van Bebber - Fund-Büro No. 0017 [O]
Claus van Bebber - Fund-Büro No. 0018 [O]
Claus van Bebber - "Single-Club" [O]
Joseph Beuys - Sonnenscheibe [O]
Claus Böhmler - Aus Einer LP Ausgekoppelte Single [O]
Erich Brauer - Brauer Singt Seine Malerei [P/S]
Eugenio Carmi - Stripsody [P/S]
Hanne Darboven - Wende >80< [C/S]
Braco Dimitrijević - Njrqove Dovke Glas [O]
Marcel Duchamp - Rotoreliefs (Optical Discs) [O]
Karl-Heinz Eckert - Panorama Vom Inselsberg [O]
Josef Klammer / Seppo Gruendler - Razionalnik [P/S] (listed under Entgrenzte Grenzen)
Terry Fox - Isolation Unit [P/S]
Ken Friedman - Zen For Record [O]
Jack Goldstein - The Quivering Earth [S]
Jack Goldstein - The Unknown Dimension [S]
Benny KH Gutmann - Schallplatte. Schalldämpfer. [O]
R.I.P. Hayman - ∞ Disc Design [O]
Sibylle Hofter - Plattenspieler [O]
Thomas Kapielski - Rosa Rauscht [O/S]
Thomas Kapielski - Käseplatte. 45 Vollfett [O]
Milan Knižák - Destroyed Music [O/S] (record with glued on record fragments)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (a cut-out cross shape from a record)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (record with glued on record-square and circle segments)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (record with 7 penetrating safety-pins)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (charred record with glued on record-fragments and a mounted Electron Echo Mini Piano)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (record with mounted bridge over which 5 strings are screwed up attached by a wooden construction on the backside and 5 L-hooks on the frontside)
Arthur Køpcke - Music While You Work. Piece No. 1 [O/S]
Nils Krüger - LID ISCO (Rhythmuszentrifugator) [O/S]
Nils Krüger - Fallplattenspieler [O/S]
Dong-Sik Rim / Tilman Küntzel - Kunstproben [P/S] (listed under Kunstproben)
Guto Lacaz - Edition Laser [O]
Lunds Konsthall [P/S]
Wittwulf Malik - Musik für Violoncello 7/1982 [C/S]
Wittwulf Malik - Zwei Performance-Musiken mit Violoncello Mai und November 1982, in Hambug [C/S]
J. O. Mallander - Decompositions [S]
Brad Melamad - Record To Listen To The Radio By [O]
Maurizio Nannucci - World Symphony / Outdoor Atmosphere [C/S]
Nathan, Piotr Sobieralski - Absicht einer Revolution [O/S]
Nathan, Piotr Sobieralski - Negativeform Snowflakes [O/S]
O.J. - …ojee!! [C/S]
Poesie Physique [P/S]
Marcello Jori - Moldau (B. Smetma) on Moldau [P/S] (listed under Radiotaxi)
Jean-François Bory - Game Over [P/S] (listed under Radiotaxi)
Revue OU 20/21 [P/S]
Revue OU 28/29 [P/S]
Werner Schmeiser / Fedo Ertl - Schmuck ist eine Sprache [O/S]
Thom Schmidt - Weiche Ware (Softwave) [P]
Tomas Schmit - Tomas Schmit's Schallplatte [O]
Kurt Schwitters - An Anna Blume [S] (signed by Ernst Schwitters)
Stuart Sherman - "Lisztent", or Untitled
Maurizio Nannucci - Readings (listed under Sound Poetry)
Expressionistische Dichter des Sturm (listed under Sound Poetry)
text und aktionsabend II (listed under Sound Poetry)
Poèmes Phonétiques Sur Spatialisme (listed under Sound Poetry)
Subkultur Berlin [P/S]
Jon Tower - Wrong Numbers [S]
Martin Turner - Ekliptischer Rhythmus. Konzert für Planetarisches Schlagwerk [O/S]
Timm Ulrichs - Schleifpapier-Schallplatten [O/S]
Ben Vautier - Réve D'Amour [O/S]
Ben Vautier - Music for La Monte Music [O/S]
Ben Vautier - Total. Disque de Musique [C/S]
Ben Vautier - Ben-Dieu-Art Total-Sa Revue [P/S]
Herman de Vries - Water (The Music of Sound 1) [C/S]
Andy Warhol - Andy Warhol's Index [P/S]
Robert Watts - Phono Records 1970 - 72 [O]
VA Wölfl - Pferd Horse Elastic [O]
Winfried Wolf - records treated with sandpaper, paint and other materials [O]
Yngve Zakarias - Holzfällerlied [O]

  1. Andrzej Mitan - W Świętej Racji

    listed under: ALMA ART

  2. Andrzej Przybielski - W Sferze Dotyku

    listed under: ALMA ART

  3. Andrzej Bieżan - Miecz Archaniola

    listed under: ALMA ART

  4. Andrzej Mitan - Ptaki

    listed under: ALMA ART

  5. Andrzej Mitan - Psalm

    listed under: ALMA ART

  6. Krzysztof Knittel - Lapis / Low Sounds

    listed under: ALMA ART
    the image included in the book is of the art edition

  7. Arnold Dreyblatt And The Orchestra Of Excited Strings - Propellers In Love


  8. Heinrich Göbel - ADALOX, NORTON, P80, G121

    listed under ANONYMOUS

  9. The Red Crayola* - Born In Flames

    listed under: ART & LANGUAGE / THE RED CRAYOLA