Broken Music

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Broken Music shows works of visual artists created with and for the medium of the record: records, record covers, record-objects, record installations." - Ursula Block, from her introductory text.

Broken Music was an exhibition of artists' recordworks collected for the daadgalerie, Germany by Ursula Block and Michael Glasmeier. A 280 page book with a compendium of visual and textural data about the exhibited items was published in 1989. Included with the book is the Milan Knížák - Broken Music (Details) flexi disc.

The selection of titles is based on four criteria:

C over - Record covers, which are original works by visual artist, or which have been made after the design of a visual artist

O bject - Records with object-character, sculptures which utilize records artistically and sculptures in which records serve the function of a plastic material

P ublication - Exhibition catalogues and books, which contain a record for additional information

S ound - Records, which have sound produced by visual artists

missing from Discogs:
Rolf-Peter Baacke - Luxus: Ton Not•Not Ton [P]
Fritz Balthaus - Der Schallplatten [O]
Claus van Bebber - Fund-Büro No. 0017 [O]
Claus van Bebber - Fund-Büro No. 0018 [O]
Claus van Bebber - "Single-Club" [O]
Joseph Beuys - Sonnenscheibe [O]
Claus Böhmler - Aus Einer LP Ausgekoppelte Single [O]
Erich Brauer - Brauer Singt Seine Malerei [P/S]
Eugenio Carmi - Stripsody [P/S]
Hanne Darboven - Wende >80< [C/S]
Braco Dimitrijević - Njrqove Dovke Glas [O]
Marcel Duchamp - Rotoreliefs (Optical Discs) [O]
Karl-Heinz Eckert - Panorama Vom Inselsberg [O]
Josef Klammer / Seppo Gruendler - Razionalnik [P/S] (listed under Entgrenzte Grenzen)
Terry Fox - Isolation Unit [P/S]
Ken Friedman - Zen For Record [O]
Jack Goldstein - The Quivering Earth [S]
Jack Goldstein - The Unknown Dimension [S]
Benny KH Gutmann - Schallplatte. Schalldämpfer. [O]
R.I.P. Hayman - ∞ Disc Design [O]
Sibylle Hofter - Plattenspieler [O]
Thomas Kapielski - Rosa Rauscht [O/S]
Thomas Kapielski - Käseplatte. 45 Vollfett [O]
Milan Knižák - Destroyed Music [O/S] (record with glued on record fragments)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (a cut-out cross shape from a record)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (record with glued on record-square and circle segments)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (record with 7 penetrating safety-pins)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (charred record with glued on record-fragments and a mounted Electron Echo Mini Piano)
Milan Knižák - Untitled [O/S] (record with mounted bridge over which 5 strings are screwed up attached by a wooden construction on the backside and 5 L-hooks on the frontside)
Arthur Køpcke - Music While You Work. Piece No. 1 [O/S]
Nils Krüger - LID ISCO (Rhythmuszentrifugator) [O/S]
Nils Krüger - Fallplattenspieler [O/S]
Dong-Sik Rim / Tilman Küntzel - Kunstproben [P/S] (listed under Kunstproben)
Guto Lacaz - Edition Laser [O]
Lunds Konsthall [P/S]
Wittwulf Malik - Musik für Violoncello 7/1982 [C/S]
Wittwulf Malik - Zwei Performance-Musiken mit Violoncello Mai und November 1982, in Hambug [C/S]
J. O. Mallander - Decompositions [S]
Brad Melamad - Record To Listen To The Radio By [O]
Maurizio Nannucci - World Symphony / Outdoor Atmosphere [C/S]
Nathan, Piotr Sobieralski - Absicht einer Revolution [O/S]
Nathan, Piotr Sobieralski - Negativeform Snowflakes [O/S]
O.J. - …ojee!! [C/S]
Poesie Physique [P/S]
Marcello Jori - Moldau (B. Smetma) on Moldau [P/S] (listed under Radiotaxi)
Jean-François Bory - Game Over [P/S] (listed under Radiotaxi)
Revue OU 20/21 [P/S]
Revue OU 28/29 [P/S]
Werner Schmeiser / Fedo Ertl - Schmuck ist eine Sprache [O/S]
Thom Schmidt - Weiche Ware (Softwave) [P]
Tomas Schmit - Tomas Schmit's Schallplatte [O]
Kurt Schwitters - An Anna Blume [S] (signed by Ernst Schwitters)
Stuart Sherman - "Lisztent", or Untitled
Maurizio Nannucci - Readings (listed under Sound Poetry)
text und aktionsabend II (listed under Sound Poetry)
Poèmes Phonétiques Sur Spatialisme (listed under Sound Poetry)
Subkultur Berlin [P/S]
Jon Tower - Wrong Numbers [S]
Martin Turner - Ekliptischer Rhythmus. Konzert für Planetarisches Schlagwerk [O/S]
Timm Ulrichs - Schleifpapier-Schallplatten [O/S]
Ben Vautier - Réve D'Amour [O/S]
Ben Vautier - Music for La Monte Music [O/S]
Ben Vautier - Total. Disque de Musique [C/S]
Ben Vautier - Ben-Dieu-Art Total-Sa Revue [P/S]
Robert Watts - Phono Records 1970 - 72 [O]
VA Wölfl - Pferd Horse Elastic [O]
Winfried Wolf - records treated with sandpaper, paint and other materials [O]
Yngve Zakarias - Holzfällerlied [O]

  1. Various - Airwaves

    5 For Sale from $52.94


  2. Janusz Dziubak, Włodzimierz Pawlik - Tytuł Płyty

    1 For Sale from $418.81

    listed under: ALMA ART

  3. Andrzej Mitan - W Świętej Racji

    4 For Sale from $129.41

    listed under: ALMA ART

  4. Andrzej Przybielski - W Sferze Dotyku

    9 For Sale from $125.00

    listed under: ALMA ART

  5. Andrzej Bieżan - Miecz Archanioła

    1 For Sale from $135.29

    listed under: ALMA ART

  6. Andrzej Mitan - Ptaki

    14 For Sale from $92.94

    listed under: ALMA ART

  7. Andrzej Mitan - Psalm

    8 For Sale from $45.88

    listed under: ALMA ART

  8. Krzysztof Knittel - Lapis / Low Sounds

    7 For Sale from $44.71

    listed under: ALMA ART
    the image included in the book is of the art edition

  9. Arnold Dreyblatt And The Orchestra Of Excited Strings - Propellers In Love

    8 For Sale from $58.82


  10. Heinrich Göbel - ADALOX, NORTON, P80, G121

    listed under ANONYMOUS

  11. The Red Crayola* - Born In Flames

    22 For Sale from $5.76

    listed under: ART & LANGUAGE / THE RED CRAYOLA