CBS 36XXX Series

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Inspired by both my "CBS Catalog Number Confusion" thread and a series of lists by "title54" on the albums falling into Atlantic/Stax/Volt sequencing, here's my attempt at gathering every album release in CBS' chronologically confusing sequencing. This list covers 36000-36999. A developing history of singles released under the same label as the album is also included.

Month of Release:
All release month information is taken from Wikipedia, period music magazines, Global Dog Productions' CBS label discography (which stops at the 36XXX albums, unfortunately - although here; their release dates seem to be a month or two ahead of the actual month of release; i.e. an album that came out in August of 1980 is listed as "Oct-1980") and this site, though information may be sketchy for some of them.

Label Suffixes:
A - Special Products (introduced sometime in the early CD era)
C - Columbia; also Canada-only releases
E - Epic
F - Fillmore (used solely on the label's first trio of LPs)
H - Harmony (used until 1973)
J - Columbia Jazz Masterpieces LPs
M - CBS Masterworks
R - Portrait
S - soundtracks
U - Priority (used from 1982-83)
W - labels merely distributed by CBS, not wholly owned; also sometimes used in Canada as a prefix
Y - Odyssey (until 1979 or so)/Great Performances (1981 onward)
Z - All the other labels

Format Suffixes:
A - 8-tracks (until 1981-ish)
K - CDs (starting in 1983/84)
R - Reel-to-reel (until 1970something)
T - Cassettes (until 2000s)

Prefixes (mostly retired sometime in the mid-1980s): AR, B, BF, F, H, I (this and "H" are solely used on audiophile releases), J, K, NF, NJ, O P, R, Q, T

The "N" prefix, introduced here, is perhaps best explained in the release notes to The Philadelphia Luv Ensemble - Classic "10".

For those curious, as far as my own music collection goes, I have 46 of the 658 items listed in some form.

  1. Ted Nugent - State Of Shock

    64 For Sale from $1.99

    Epic, FE 36000
    May 1979
    Single: "I Want to Tell You"/"Bite Down Hard" (8-50713)

  2. Pockets - So Delicious

    58 For Sale from $2.00

    ARC/Columbia, JC 36001
    August 1979
    Singles: "So Delicious"/"La La (Means I Love You)" (1-11121), "Catch Me"/"How Do You Think it Feels?" (7'': 3-10954/40-83748; 12'': 43-10955)

  3. Teddy Pendergrass - Teddy

    98 For Sale from $0.99

    Philadelphia International, FZ 36003
    June 1979
    Singles: "Turn Off the Lights"/"If You Know Like I Know" (7'': ZS8 3696; 12'': 4Z8 3698), "Come Go With Me"/"Do Me" (7'' only, ZS9 3717), "Life is a Circle"/"Set Me Free" (12'' only, 4Z8 3718); "Do Me"/"I'll Never See Heaven Again" (international single)

  4. Michael Pedicin, Jr.* - Michael Pedicin, Jr.

    12 For Sale from $2.00

    Philadelphia International, JZ/FZ 36004
    August 1979
    Singles: "Song for Sherry"/"You" (ZS4 03522/ZS9 3728), "Soncere (Son-Ce-Re) (The Infinite Hour Glass"/"You" (ZS8 3700), "That's a Good One"/"Song for Sherry" (7'': ZS9 3716, 12'': 4Z8 3693)

  5. Hellfield - Hellfield

    13 For Sale from $0.50

    Epic, JE 36005 (PEC 80001 in Canada)
    Singles: "All Night Party"/"Magic Mistress" (UK only, S EPC 6920) "Too Long"/"The Pact" (8-50697), "Tell Me Are You Listening? (The Future)"/"Special Edited Mix" (12'' version, US: AS 572, Canada: 12E4X-4181), "Tell Me Are You Listening? (The Future)"/"Magic Mistress" (7'' version, Canada only, E4 4181)

  6. Lou Rawls - Let Me Be Good To You

    176 For Sale from $0.75

    Philadelphia International, JZ 36006
    May 1979
    Singles (both have "Lover's Holiday" as B-sides): "Let Me Be Good to You" (7'': ZS8 3684, 12'': 2Z8 3686), "Time Will Take Care of Everything" (UK only, PIR 7500)

  7. Meat Loaf - Dead Ringer

    90 For Sale from $2.00

    Cleveland International/Epic, FE 36007
    September 1981
    Singles (unless otherwise noted, B-sides are one of "Everything is Permitted" and "Peel Out"): "Dead Ringer for Love"/"More Than You Deserve" (UK only, EPC A1697) "I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us" (14-02490), "Read 'Em and Weep" (14-02607)

  8. Blue Öyster Cult - Mirrors

    55 For Sale from $2.99

    Columbia, JC 36009
    June 1979
    Singles (unless otherwise noted, B-sides are "Lonely Teardrops"): "In Thee" (1-11055), "Moon Crazy"/"I Am the Storm" (Japan only, 06SP 344), "Mirrors" (UK only, S CBS 7783)

  9. Dale Jacobs & Cobra* - Dale Jacobs & Cobra

    10 For Sale from $4.50

    Epic, JE 36010 (PEC 80008 in Canada)
    Singles: "Cobra" (Canada: E4-4192, B-side "Hanglider"; US: 8-50703, B-side "Loose Connection"), "On the Wings of a Song"/"Taiwan On" (Canada only, E4-4211)

  10. Blast (14) - Blast

    27 For Sale from $2.99

    36011 MISSING
    Columbia, JC 36012
    No singles released

  11. Tammy Wynette - Just Tammy

    22 For Sale from $1.60

    Epic, KE 36013
    May 1979
    Singles: "They Call it Making Love'/"Let Me Be Me" (8-50661; first released with orange labels, then reprinted with blue, "No One Else in the World"/"Mama, Your Little Girl Fell" (8-50772)

  12. Johnny Rodriguez (4) - Rodriguez

    33 For Sale from $0.75

    Epic, KE 36014 (although a print ad from the May 12, 1979 issue of Billboard says "KE 30614")
    May 1979
    Singles: "Down on the Rio Grande"/"Mexico Holiday" (8-50671), "Fools for Each Other"/"Street Walker" (8-50735)

  13. Freddie Hubbard - The Love Connection

    45 For Sale from $1.90

    Columbia, JC 36015
    May/June 1979
    Single: "Little Sunflower"/"The Love Connection" (7'': 1-11060; 12'': AS 671)

  14. Mtume - In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers

    24 For Sale from $6.57

    Epic, JE 36017
    September 1980
    Singles: "Give it On Up (If You Want To"/"Mrs. Sippi" (9-50917), "So You Wanna Be a Star"/"Anticipatin'" (7'': 19-50962; 12'': AS 878), "You Can't Wait for Love" (UK and South Africa only, B-sides and catalog numbers differ - UK has "Everything Good to Me," SA same B-side as 19-50962)

  15. Flash And The Pan* - Flash And The Pan

    37 For Sale from $3.99

    Epic, JE 36018
    June/July 1979 (originally released in Australia in 1978)
    Singles (only those released on Epic): "Hey, St. Peter"/"Walking in the Rain" (8-50715), "Down Among the Dead Men"/"The Man Who Knew the Answer" (9-50761), "Man in the Middle"/"Lady Killer" (Canada only, E4-8367)

  16. Ronnie Foster - Delight

    31 For Sale from $1.99

    Columbia, JC 36019
    Summer 1979
    Singles: "You're the One" (B-side unknown as only the promo is listed, 1-11071)

  17. George Gershwin - New York Philharmonic* Conducted By Zubin Mehta With Gary Graffman - Music From The Woody Allen Film "Manhattan"

    76 For Sale from $1.42

    Columbia Masterworks, JS 36020
    Masterworks releases usually had no singles, but a Danish promo 7'' was issued for this one.

  18. Dana (9) - The Girl Is Back

    11 For Sale from $5.00

    Epic, JE 36021
    May 1979
    Single: "The Girl is Back in Town"/"Slip Away" (only single release for this album under Epic, 8-50705)

  19. Zon (2) - Back Down To Earth

    12 For Sale from $3.99

    Epic, JE 36022 (PEC 80026 in Canada)
    Singles (both Canada only): "Back Down to Earth"/"When He's Old" (7'': E4-4217; 12'': 12E4X 4217), "Gods & Kings"/"Take it From Me" (E4-4226)

  20. Dexter Wansel - Time Is Slipping Away

    18 For Sale from $10.59

    Philadelphia International, JZ 36024
    Singles: "I'll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco)"/"It's Been Cool" (12'': 2Z8 3692, 7'': ZS9-3702), "The Sweetest Pain"/"Funk Attack" (ZS9 3724), "New Beginning"/"Time is Slipping Away" (ZS9 3749)

  21. Silk (6) - Midnight Dancer

    20 For Sale from $5.00

    Philadelphia International, JZ 36025
    Singles: "Get on Up"/"Midnight Dancer" (12'': 4Z8 3690; 7'': ZS8 3691), "Keep Dancin'" (also 4Z8 3690), "I Can't Stop (Turning You On)"/"Love's Gonna Get You (In the End)" (ZS9 3730)