CDs manufactured by DADC (US) (my collection only)

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Vaguely in chronological order by year, with specific dates first, year-only last, and then by matrix. No guarantees.

Sony Disc Manufacturing has many CD plants worldwide. Many of these plants operate under "DADC" company names. The original DADC, a.k.a. DADC, Terre Haute, Indiana or Digital Audio Disc Corp., was a CBS & Sony co-owned CD pressing plant making CDs from Sep. 21, 1984 until January 2018 in Terre Haute, Indiana, USA.

From circa 1989 through March 2011, DADC also pressed CDs at the former Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman facility. These DADC, Pitman discs were easy to spot at first (see my list) but by the mid-'90s were (as far as we know) indistinguishable from discs pressed at the Terre Haute plant.

In 1995, DADC plants were also opened in Springfield, Oregon and Carrolton, Georgia. We do not yet know with certainty how to distinguish discs from these plants.

The DIDX-# (DIDY, DIDP, whatever) seems to identify the digital premaster (likely on U-matic, DAT, or CD-R) which was used as the basis for cutting a glass master disc. As such, the same code is used on many reissues and represses. It is also sometimes used on discs pressed or glass mastered by other companies, even if there never was a DADC pressing. On some reissues, the artwork may include the code by accident, left over from a previous production run, while the disc does not use the Sony premaster at all. Or the disc may have been swapped and is in the wrong case!

The typical matrix format for a disc glass mastered by DADC: (in a serif font) a premaster ID and the cut number; optionally followed by 2 or 3 sets of crosshairs (some bold) and a barcode. The matrix, for our purposes, is the part that includes the premaster ID followed by the cut number, e.g. DIDX-012345 01. Codes on the artwork belong in BAOI Other.

The clear plastic hub often has the DADC logo, sometimes also with Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp.; either of these are sufficient to justify entering Pressed By or Made By - Digital Audio Disc Corp.. I have also noticed that even when there is nothing on the hub, the innermost rings have a certain "grain" which I don't see on discs from other plants.

Discussion re: entering the premaster ID as a catalog number in the LCCN fields: ... there seems to be enough support to do it. However, I believe the inferred DADC credit must be justified by some other means (i.e. the hub stamps), not just the presence of the premaster ID. Fonts probably are not acceptable to base any decisions on, unfortunately. In other words, don't create a company credit just so you can put the number in.

An older matrix format exists which includes a mysterious four-character code like "11A#" where the # is a number 1 or higher. This was used in the 1980s by CBS/Sony (CSR Compact Disc / CSR (2) / CBS/Sony Records Inc.) on discs they pressed in Japan—including for other labels, often with "+++++" in the matrix (literally five plus-signs, not to be confused with the crosshair symbols). This format was also used at the same time on discs pressed by DADC in the USA before they switched to the fancier format. We should not infer an LCCN credit for DADC based on this matrix format. (See also: Denon Digital Industries, which uses "1DA#" codes).

SID codes seem to have debuted on DADC pressings in 1996, but I do not have a large enough sample of discs to be sure it wasn't earlier than that.

• how to enter the crosshair symbols (there's no Unicode equivalent), and what they mean, and why some of them are boldface
• were "11Ax" discs glass-mastered only in Japan, or in the USA too?
• when did the matrix format changes happen?
• what's the significance, if any, of the changes in the clear plastic hub text?
• how to decode the barcode

  1. Joe Jackson - Night And Day

    4 For Sale from $5.00

    DIDX-000018 14
    IFPI 50CC
    © 1982 but is a CRC edition (1986+, probably later due to the extra zeroes in the DIDY code), and has a SID code, so 1994+, probably 1996+.
    Has DIDY 000018 on disc face.
    No manufacturer credited.

  2. Various - Back To The Future (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    2 For Sale from $10.71

    DIDX 422 11A6
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1985, CRC edition so 1986+

  3. Led Zeppelin - Untitled

    5 For Sale from $3.00

    DIDX 450 11A6
    © 1971, CRC edition so 1986+

  4. Peter Gabriel - So

    1 For Sale from $6.99

    DIDX 557 11
    19 May 1986
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [DADC logo]®
    smooth-edge case

  5. Peter Gabriel - So

    18 For Sale from $2.00

    DIDX 557 11A23
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    19 May 1986

  6. The Art Of Noise - In Visible Silence

    10 For Sale from $3.00

    DIDX 628 11A2 *
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1986

  7. Various - Sampler Volume 1

    9 For Sale from $0.50

    © 1984
    six-digit DIDX code on disc face: DIDX 000777

  8. Miami Sound Machine - Primitive Love

    9 For Sale from $2.99

    DIDP 20368 11A3
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1985

  9. David Bowie - Never Let Me Down

    20 For Sale from $1.98

    DIDX 1378 11A1
    Made in USA by Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1987

  10. The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs

    13 For Sale from $3.00

    DIDX 1688 11A1
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1987

  11. Art Of Noise* - Re-works Of Art Of Noise

    11 For Sale from $6.50

    DIDX 2244 11A2
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1986 but probably 1987

  12. The Art Of Noise - In No Sense? Nonsense!

    23 For Sale from $1.55

    DIDX 2247 11A2
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1987

  13. Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason

    11 For Sale from $1.99

    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    8 Sep 1987
    possibly a later pressing due to inclusion of MANUFACTURED BY DADC

  14. Bryan Ferry - Bête Noire

    31 For Sale from $1.00

    1 25598-2 SRC-03 [mirrored:] DIDM 2545 11A6
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1987
    contract pressing for SRC

  15. Thompson Twins - The Best Of Thompson Twins / Greatest Mixes

    6 For Sale from $3.99

    DIDX-003726 1
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [DADC logo]®
    © 1988

  16. Peter Gabriel - Passion - Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ

    56 For Sale from $0.98

    DIDX-005048 3
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    6 Jun 1989

  17. Various - Non Stop Dancing - Salsa & Merengue - Vol. 3

    3 For Sale from $2.99

    DIDP-074021 5
    nothing on hub
    © 1990

  18. L.L. Cool J* - Around The Way Girl

    5 For Sale from $5.34

    DIDP-075013 1
    nothing on hub
    © 1990

  19. George Michael - Freedom

    11 For Sale from $4.99

    DIDP-075017 1
    [DADC logo]
    24 Oct 1990

  20. Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke

    15 For Sale from $4.95

    DISP-000515 3
    Made in USA - Digital Audio Disc Corp. [D logo]®
    © 1990

  21. 3rd Bass - Brooklyn-Queens

    10 For Sale from $12.00

    DISP-000529 1
    [DADC logo]
    © 1990

  22. L.L. Cool J* - Mama Said Knock You Out

    18 For Sale from $2.00

    DIDP-073368 8
    ★ [DADC logo] ★
    © 1991