CRAAAZY RARE HOLY GRAILS brought to you by (the original) DJ 2 DAM FUNKY !!!

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Ultra Rare Collector's Items and Holy Grails

  1. Sahara (8) - The Wind

    From the moment the needle hits the first beat you know you're in for a treat. One of the greatest mellow grooves of all time which ranks right up there with my all time favourite, Leo Sunshipp, 'Give me The Sunshine'. Sweet uplifting vocals build and build over a blend of magically syncopated rhythms and beautiful orchestration... Spine tingling soulful heaven. For those who own this rare slice of independent wax on the obscure and little known Get Down label you get the added bonus of the instrumental. Just close your eyes and be transported to another world... As the opening lyrics say "Sends a chill down my spine".

  2. Living Funk - Fools Love / Silver Black Summer Day

    Craaazy rare Funk... Unlike the one photographed on Discogs the copy we are selling has pristine clean labels. WOW!!!!

  3. Producer (3) Featuring Wicked Nelson - Nobody Messes With The Godfather

    Rare full length mix featuring Sarome (freestyle Human Beatbox) (This 9 min 13 mix is not on UK 'promo' release and only appeared on a limited edition single sided test press of 10 and on the much rarer Eurobond release!!!) ... Produced by who???

  4. The Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau

    DISCO HOLY GRAIL!!!! Beware of represses and unofficial white labels masquerading as originals!

  5. Ralph MacDonald - The Path-Part II & III

    Incredibly rare and hard to find promo of this seminal breaks masterpiece!

  6. Arts & Craft - I've Been Searching

    Sold a Mint copy of this privately for £100 a few years ago... but check our stock for more ultra rares!!

  7. Raw Dog Souljaz - Little Bit A Dis

    Rare UK indie hip hop release by raw Dog Souljaz [MC. R.D.S, Raw Dog Soldiers aka DJ Silver D, Hip Hop, Garage & Grime producer]. (For serious collectors wishing to buy this record the actual record for sale is the one in the thumb above. Larger pic of actual record for sale shown on release page Discogs!!)

  8. Michael Jackson Vs Eminem - Controversial A - List Remixes

    Super rare unofficial KILLER mixes incl. Michael Jackson mix of Billie Jean with Eminem. Highly xplosive CLUB-DJ dancefloor ammunition and essential playout box party rocker.

  9. Stasis - Point Of No Return!

    Limited Edition Techno pressed in Silver Vinyl... collector's heaven!

  10. Gordon's War - The Rock Is Gonna Get You

    Now available at HOLYGRAILS... Comes in original thick card sleeve. Browse 'HOLYGRAILS' stock for more rarities, bargains and HOLYGRAILS!

  11. Tracey Ullman - Terry

    ELECTRO HOLYGRAIL!!!! The B side is possibly one of the rarest electro tracks in existence. Unreleased test pressing on Stiff records. BUY IT!!! Did we mention rare?

  12. Robbie Williams - Millenium - Allister Whitehead`s Zero G Dub Mix

    ULTRA RARE ONE SIDED PROMO... Check runout groove for: ' ALLISTER WHITEHED, ZERO G DUB MIX - "Millenium" '

  13. Northern Lite (2) & T.J.B. - I Had A Secret

    DnB collectors & JUNGLISTS: Superb ultra rare DnB jungle. Vinyl grades 'EX'. Never seen this before... obscure mega rare monster.

  14. P.Gunn* & Mr. I Till* - My Mic And My Handle

    ULTRA RARE UK INDIE RANDOM RAP only on limited edition jetsar W/L with KILLER B-LINE.

  15. Beenie Man & Marvellous Cain - Slam (Jungle)

    In demand Jungle White label that was produced as a very limited edition press and distributed by legendary reggae specialists Jetstar. Impossible to find anywhere!!