Calgary, Alberta, Canada Artists

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Artists & Bands based in, or originally from, Calgary Alberta, Canada
(Arranged alphabetical)
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  1. Aaron Young (2)

    Sillan & Young

  2. Al Muirhead


  3. Arnold Choi

    Calgary Philharmonic

  4. 10



    Folk, Jazz, Violins

  5. Beautiful Joe

    Country, Folk and Roots

  6. Bill Cowsill

    The later years of his career were spent in Calgary
    Ironwood & Mecca Cafe
    The Co-dependants

  7. Bonnie Lawrence

    Folk, Flute

  8. Bruce Innes

    Folk singer & songwriter

  9. Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra

    Eventually I'll also add individual members as well as the orchestra itself

  10. Carla Olive

    Koi, Morgans