Call it fritalo

By wiz_of_oz wiz_of_oz
updated about 1 month ago

List of French productions reminding more or less of italo disco. Could be more synthpop, chanson, pop rock or hi-nrg sometimes: call it fritalo. Quite some French (sung) covers of italo disco or euro disco in this list. Not the italo disco that is released on French labels but made by Italians here.

  1. Thierry Pastor - Le Coup De Folie

    23 For Sale from $2.45

    Le coup de folie (1981)

  2. Bandolero - Paris Latino ● Tango Tango ● El Bandido Caballero

    41 For Sale from $2.44

    Written by Spanish brothers Perez (of who we know Carlos Perez for his solorecords) but produced by French.

  3. Renato (8) - Dolce Vita

    15 For Sale from $3.37

    Cover of hit by Ryan Paris.

  4. Gilbert Montagné - On Va S'aimer

    8 For Sale from $6.75

    Song arranged by Stephano Pulga (Italy) also released in English as Just For Tonight.

  5. Wax (18) - Rock A Hong-Kong

    1 For Sale from $61.33

    More on the synthpop side of things but still very nice.

  6. Julie* - Tora Tora Tora

    5 For Sale from $20.24

    French cover of Numero Uno - Tora Tora Tora.