Call it swetalo

By wiz_of_oz wiz_of_oz
updated 22 days ago

You know the deal: italosounds from Sweden. The land of the Ikea Expedit (Ikeatalo?) seems to have plenty of them!

  1. Fake - Donna Rouge (Vocal Version)

    24 For Sale from $2.22

    Wellknown band amongst italofans which initially started out as fully Swedish but with this single Donna Rouge got remixed by Italians with great succes. During the 80's this Swedish/Italian combination was repeated with several great singles and an album. The true originators of swetalo? Check-them-out.

  2. Chris Owen - Never Gonna Love Again

    25 For Sale from $1.11

    Producer and singer with more singles you can check out.

  3. Annie Anner - Night In The City

    3 For Sale from $8.89

    First and perhaps her biggest hit throughout Europe followed by a range of singles and also an album.

  4. Style (4) - Vision Av Kärlek (Förlängd Vision) / My Kind Of Woman (Extended Vision)

    63 For Sale from $1.10

    80's synthpop-act sometimes reminding of italo disco. Made a whole range of singles and albums you might wanna check.

  5. Herreys* - People From Ibiza / Sommarparty

    6 For Sale from $2.21

    People from Sweden ;)

  6. Annie Anner - Robotman

    6 For Sale from $8.99

    A favorite of mine by Annie Anner about a robotman who doesn't know what's love: very sweed/t indeed.