Cereal Killer Soundtrack

By CykoMF CykoMF
updated about 1 month ago

Cardboard cutout records found on cereal boxes.

Started out with a primary focus on the ones from 1970's vintage cereal boxes. I've since expanded the list to include similarly manufactured records included with other products, like potato chips, oatmeal, granola bars, etc. Even cans of lard! The list gets a little weirder with each title added.

Feel free to point out any I may have missed.

  1. Bobby Sherman - Easy Come, Easy Go

    8 For Sale from $0.99

    Not sure what was in that cereal but Bobby's shirt and the label color would sometimes change inexplicably.

  2. Anne Renée / Bobby Sherman - Dis Moi Maman / Free Now To Roam

    2 For Sale from $5.99

    As if Bobby Sherman wasn't getting enough exposure, in Canada they paired him up with Anne Renée for a series of two track discs.

  3. Bobby Sherman - I Think I'm Gonna Be Alright

    1 For Sale from $8.26

    Canadian versions also existed.

  4. The Archies - Catching Up On Fun

    2 For Sale from $3.00

    From Post Honey Comb cereal, released November 1969

  5. The Archies - Jingle Jangle

    From Post Honey Comb cereal, released November 1969

  6. The Monkees - Cereal Box Record Set

    22 For Sale from $14.62

    Can you believe someone actually felt a need to reissue a package full of records like this???

    They are actually very well done AND the only ones to include pictures of all 4 Monkees on them. The others are missing Peter Tork.

  7. The Sugar Bears* - Love - You're A Long Time Comin'

    5 For Sale from $4.99

    From Post Super Sugar Crisps.

  8. Unknown Artist - Take Me Out To The Old Ball Game

    From Wheaties, these are apparently the oldest of the lots.
    They play at 78 RPM and are frequently found with the plastic sound sheet separating from the cardboard backing.

  9. Unknown Artist - Pony Boy

    3 For Sale from $16.00


  10. Goofy (2) - Fire Fighting Fellow

    1 For Sale from $10.00

    Disney titles from Wheaties which also play at 78 RPM.
    These tracks were also released on an orange plastic record available via a mail in offer. Save those box tops!

  11. Unknown Artist - Great Moments In Rock 'N Roll: Live Aid

    9 For Sale from $5.00

    These were not actually cut out from the boxes, they were included inside.

  12. John Lennon - Great Moments In Rock 'N Roll: A Tribute To John Lennon

    8 For Sale from $5.00

    Any 'winner' versions of this record are reportedly worth some big bucks from Beatles collectors.

  13. Unknown Artist - The Lonely House

    I believe there were 4 titles in this specific set.
    Hopefully the others will turn up soon.

  14. Diana Ross & The Supremes* - Where Did Our Love Go

    3 For Sale from $24.99

    These give new meaning to the term: Bubble gum music
    as they were from Topps Chewing Gum company and produced in the late 1960's.

  15. Walter Payton (2) - Doin' It Right

    8 For Sale from $2.50

    Winner winner, chicken diner!

  16. Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney & The Hi-Lo's - Music To Shave By

    19 For Sale from $1.79

    Not really a true 'cereal box' record but very similar in concept and style. This was from the Remington shaver company.

  17. Red Skelton - The Pledge Of Allegiance

    26 For Sale from $0.50

    This one came with a kids meal from Burger King.
    Could have sworn this was a 1976 promotion but have not been able to verify that.

  18. The Shadows Of Knight - Potato Chip

    24 For Sale from $4.99

    This one didn't come on or in a cereal box, this time it was potato chips.

    Since I for one have consumed potato chips for breakfast on numerous occasions, that's enough to qualify it!

  19. The Dave Clark Five - The Dave Clark Five Sing

    18 For Sale from $2.22

    Would you believe... Acne medication.

    Fresh Start Pond's Medicated Cleansing Gel

  20. Alice Cooper - Nobody Likes Me

    Not from a cereal box or any food related item.
    This one had to be cut from the back page of a concert program, and only some specific printings of that program.

    It is one of the hardest ones to locate. Good luck!

  21. Johnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special

    Not really a true cereal box record as these were included inside the lid from Snowdrift brand lard containers.

    These are also very hard to find.

  22. ALF (2) - The Many Faces Of ALF: Take Me, ALF, To The Ballgame

    Not really cereal box records, these card-backed flexi's were included as part of kid's meals from Burger King restaurants in the 1980's. There are 4 titles known so far.

  23. Unknown Artist - Western Heritage - The Story Of The American Cowboy

    not sure if this was from a cereal box or some other product, like a book perhaps.