Cheapo's and Daddy Kool.

By chipchester chipchester
updated 6 months ago

Some of my finest moments while searching the bargain basement record shops of soho ( Cheapo's / Daddy Kool / Vinyl Junkies) sadly now all gone.

  1. Bob-A-Rela - Bob-A-Rela

    A Garage classic!

  2. Voyage - Voyage 3

    Voyage 3 including ' I love you dancer'

  3. Desmond Child And Rouge - Desmond Child And Rouge

    6 For Sale from $4.48

    Great Disco-Rock crossover album, thats Maria Vidal of ' Body Rock' fame on the left!!

  4. Wing And A Prayer Fife And Drum Corps. - Babyface

    Great Disco Version of Eleanor Rigby

  5. Midnight Rhythm - Midnight Rhythm

    112 For Sale from $1.69

    Disco Madness!! A Midnight Mix by Richie Rivera!!

  6. Cat Stevens - Izitso

    Was Dog a Doughnut, a Loft classic.

  7. Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite

    17 For Sale from $5.00

    Great album, also admired by The Idjut Boys and Harvey.

  8. Theo Vaness - Bad Bad Boy

    Another little gem from Cheapo's basement!! Mixed by Francois K.

    One thing you didnt want to do with a Cheapo was haggle, you would get a curt reply! Best just to pay your money and leave.

  9. Gregg Diamond - Hardware

    I salvaged this from the pop and rock section, someone mistook it for heavy metal!!

  10. Flower (2) - Heat

    Classic Disco production from Richie Rome!! including How and Classical love.

  11. Girls Can't Help It - Pure Wild

    Mark Kamins mix of Baby Doll is nice downtempo disco.

  12. Paul Jabara - Keeping Time

    Cover shows Paul in Harold Lloyd mode! Contains the Garage classic ' Pleasure Island'

  13. Persia - Persia

    13 For Sale from $16.75

    Offbeat Disco on Casablanca, a Warehouse classic.

  14. Denise McCann - Tattoo Man

    14 For Sale from $1.25

    Outrageous Disco from Butterfly records outta LA, Blue Vinyl!

  15. Tuxedo Junction - Tuxedo Junction

    64 For Sale from $1.00

    Volga Boatman is a leftfield gem.

  16. Debbie Jacobs - Undercover Lover

    71 For Sale from $1.00

    Dont you want my love, sampled in house.

  17. Joy Fleming - The Final Thing

    38 For Sale from $2.00

    The Final Thing is a slow disco burner!

  18. Vicki Sue Robinson - Never Gonna Let You Go

    Another classic from Cheapo's basement, a giant blue-bottle attacked me while i was digging for this one!!

  19. Love De-Luxe - Again And Again

    A big hit with Jellybean at the Funhouse. Alan Hawkshaw.

  20. Frantique - Frantique

    17 For Sale from $2.81

    Philly Disco

  21. Sticky Fingers (2) - Sticky Fingers

    3 For Sale from $6.25

    Disco classic featuring Francois K. Sampled in House.

  22. Carrie Lucas - In Danceland

    16 For Sale from $2.44

    Dance with you sampled in House.

  23. Stainless Steal - Can-Can

    24 For Sale from $2.50

    Another risque cover, courtesy of cheapo's.