Chemically Enhanced

By SecretSquizza SecretSquizza
updated about 1 month ago

A list of tunes that sound pretty damn good anyway, but sound even better when mangled on drugs. This could be while gurning, staring at the palms of your hands for 8 hours or even just gouched out on a beanbag ...

  1. Li Kwan - Point Zero / I Need A Man

    4 For Sale from $25.30

    I can get so lost in point zero when i'm twatted its untrue

  2. Choice / Soofle - Acid Eiffel / How Do You Plead?

    30 For Sale from $43.04

    My missus thinks this is dull. I think she just needs more drugs.

  3. Desert Storm - Desert Storm / Scoraig 93

    18 For Sale from $3.00

    Both tunes are just stunning, but to get the most out of them take some psycho-actives!

  4. Gerd - Arkest's Blaze

    22 For Sale from $4.49

    Just turn up Arkest's Blaze as loud as you can and pretend to be Donna Summer.

  5. Blond:ish - Inward Visions

    7 For Sale from $8.99

    No Place Like Gnome is a fantastic dark affair that sounds all the better when under the influence. Written by a couple of hippy chicks, so probably made for drugs.

  6. The Orb - The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld

    11 For Sale from $40.44

    This whole LP is a drug takers dream come true climaxing in the ultra-trippy "huge yaddy yadda" track

  7. Orb* - Pomme Fritz

    21 For Sale from $13.48

    This LP should come with a warning about listening to it if you've taken too much LSD.

  8. Symbiosis - Clandestine Electronic Subculture

    6 For Sale from $5.28

    This whole LP is about the journey, but i'd say that "in the shadow of another world" is the drug takers tune of choice here. Bravo!

  9. Hardfloor - Hardtrance Acperience E.P.

    39 For Sale from $1.12

    Acperience is the stuff of legends. Builds into a climactic orgy of glorious acid goodness. A tune to be peaking to.

  10. We Shape Space - The Message

    32 For Sale from $0.51

    Part II anthem for the enlightened builds and builds to a head tingling mix of Martin Luther King Vocals and Bagpipes. Loses something when the guitars arrive, but if you are mangled you won't notice.

  11. Drax - Drax Ltd. II

    14 For Sale from $28.09

    Amphetamine ... the title says it all. Get your scalp tingling to this drug taking masterpiece.

  12. Mental Cube - Q

    Dougans and Cobain must have been on a mountain of drugs to come up with this beauty. Just magnificent.

  13. Various - Warp10+3 Remixes

    35 For Sale from $3.16

    Seefeel's When Face Was Face (Kitchen Sink Space Anthem Mix) is a wonderous mix of haunting melody that sounds as if its played on a Theramin over some lovely sound effects that buzz away nicely. A perfect accompaniment to a nice blotter. The whole cd is pretty good for that sort of thing to be fair.

  14. Mogwai - Fear Satan Remixes

    17 For Sale from $5.62

    Listening to the Surgeon remix on acid is like some kind of religious awakening. Intense shit.

  15. Shakespear's Sister - Black Sky

    1 For Sale from $89.83

    Good lord the Black Sky Dub Extravaganza part 2 sounds phenomenal whilst mangled. Shame i normally can't pronounce it in the state i want to hear it.

  16. Frank Zappa - Studio Tan

    95 For Sale from $4.50

    Greggery Peccary whilst tripping made me laugh insanely for the entire track. The long manic music section followed by "phew ... it sure is hard to find a place to park around here" ... oh how we laughed. Zappa may never have taken anything himself, but he sure knew how to make the twat-heads laugh.

  17. My Bloody Valentine - Glider E.P. Remixes

    24 For Sale from $11.24

    The full length mix of Glider sounded like a couple of melting seagulls for 10 minutes when i was straight. After two purple ohms it was an amazing soundscape of sweeping grandeur as i laid on the floor and stared at the ceiling.

  18. Coil vs ELpH - Born Again Pagans

    12 For Sale from $20.22

    Protection is a fantastic tune to fucked off your face to. Squelching acid noises that seem so wet its tangible and building to orgasmic climaxes at times. Twat-tastic!

  19. Moby - Go

    34 For Sale from $6.33

    The Woodtick mix sounds great in any state to be honest. A drugless vegan wrote this track apparently.

  20. Love Corporation - Give Me Some Love (Andy Weatherall Mix)

    4 For Sale from $4.11

    The 8 minute Andy Weatherall mix is just perfection for drugs. Builds up beautifully for 2.5 minutes and then those incredible strings come in that just blow you away. Sheer beauty on wax from the man who could do no wrong in this era.

  21. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Mixes)

    15 For Sale from $12.00

    Well it has to be the long mix on this one (its always the full length version for druggies somehow...). Very Doors-esque with the organs. Fucking awesome at the best of times, can make you sweat if you are stoned.

  22. Various - Order To Dance

    14 For Sale from $8.85

    Mundo's Acid Pandemonium is warped shit. Take a blotter and have buzzing bees inside your head and watch the walls melt.

  23. The Aphex Twin* - Digeridoo

    7 For Sale from $15.00

    Analogue bubblebath 1 ... just melt into the floor.

  24. Shades Of Rhythm - Frequency

    8 For Sale from $9.49

    The Summer Of '89 ... floaty as fuck anyway, but have a big fat bifter and its a pillow of fluffy clouds and tearful nostalgia time...

  25. Telepopmusic* - Breathe (Markus Schulz Mix)

    10 For Sale from $5.50

    Sounds great at the best of times, but this dreamy heavenly vocal gem sounds phenomenal in twatland.