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★ = a good track with which to initiate oneself to the album, or simply a track that I like a lot
★★ = a veritable eureka moment
★★★ = o lord thou pluckest me out

Starred songs appear on a youtube playlist here:
—It is in its infancy as of yet, but will grow and is intended for shuffling.

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  1. A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond

    ★ An Addict of Time

    Belgian coldwave band featured on the "Hours" compilation. Active 1981-1983.

  2. A Blaze Colour - Against The Dark Trees Beyond

    ★ Means to an End
    ★ Through with Life (demo version)

    Distinct release, despite the same name.

  3. A Broken Consort - Box Of Birch

    ★ A Sundering Path
    ★ The Elder Lie

    drone-classical project of Richard Skelton. buy his albums digitally here:

  4. A C. Marias A C.* - Drop / So

    ★ Drop
    ★★ So

    Find Angela Conway working alongside members of Wire in the musical projects "P'o" and "He Said".

  5. A Handful Of Dust - Spiritual Libertines

    ★ The Oneness of Adam Qadmon

  6. A Handful Of Dust - Now Gods, Stand Up For Bastards & The Philosophick Mercury

    can be found on spotify (if you've the stomach), though they've taken to calling the band "an handful of dust," so we may not want to encourage them.

  7. A Handful Of Dust - Topology Of A Phantom City

    ★ City of the Sun
    ★ City of God/Negative Jerusalem

    Russell on guitar, Galbraith on violin, Stapleton on drums/synths

  8. A Haunted Sawmill - The Dance Of Death... (The Fear Of Your Life)

    ★ The Dance of Death... (The Fear of Your Life)

  9. A Mouse Orchestra - A Lump In Your Throat

    ★ A Lump in Your Throat Pt. 2

    H.N.A.S. and Organum side project, and a surprisingly whimsical one at that.

  10. A Produce - Reflect Like A Mirror, Respond Like An Echo

    ★ Speaking in Tongues
    ★ Rousseau's Jungle

  11. A Produce - Land Of A Thousand Trances

    ★ Land of a Thousand Trances
    ★ The Dreaming Room
    ★ The Wall of Dali (#6)

  12. A Produce - White Sands

    ★ October 1st
    ★ The Clearing
    ★ Clear Pools

  13. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - A Winged Victory For The Sullen

    ★ We Played Some Open Chords and Rejoiced, for the Earth Had Circled the Sun Yet Another Year
    ★ Minuet for a Cheap Piano Number Two
    ★★ Steep Hills of Vicodin Tears

    i, for one, do not see a naked woman when i listen to beautiful music.

  14. A. Alessandroni* - I Cantori Moderni Di A. Alessandroni

    ★ Verso l'infinito
    ★ Nella balera
    ★ La partenza

    not on discogs: ★★ Sciabadabada

  15. A. Bolus* - Tropical Poolside Drainage

    ★ Bronchial Lavage with Saline and 5% Benzo

    Andy is better introduced through his visual art, installations, and noise objects made with reworked talking children's toys. His home site is here:

  16. A.C.Marias* - Time Was

    ★ Time Was

    Backing work by Rowland S. Howard and Barry Adamson on this one.

  17. A.E. Bizottság - Kalandra Fel!!

    translates "Albert Einstein Committee — Adventure Now!"

    ★ Putty-Putty