Classiques, disques clés de 12 et autres curiosités

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No Particular Order except #1

  1. Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man

    Probably the record I've listened the most in the last 20 years and probably my all-time-favorite. Only soundtrack from Marvin Gaye, that appears here as an accomplished composer, also adding some fantomatic vocals. Pure gold.

  2. The Durutti Column - The Return Of The Durutti Column

    This melancholic neurasthenic music sounds like a requiem for hospital. Viny Reilly and Martin Hannett mix some lazy jazz elements, loops, old rhythm box with extreme sensibility. Blissful.

  3. Rexy - Running Out Of Time

    The funky punky vocals or Rexy are not those of a great singer but who cares? The mistakes and weakness are exactly what make this album truly unique and real. And what a weird cover... Top ten!

  4. Eden Ahbez “Nature Boy”* - Eden's Island (The Music Of An Enchanted Isle)

    Another hidden treasure who's definitely in my top ten. A must have for exotica amateurs but not exclusively. This one delivers some sweet, naive, beautiful songs from the author of "Nature Boy", his only major hit popularized by Nat King Cole (that don't features on that album).

  5. Todd Rundgren - Something / Anything?

    First effort of what is considered as Todd Rundgren trilogy, with "A Wizard, A True Star" and "Todd", all essentials. Pure genius with some of the best blue eyed soul ballads ever.

  6. The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs

    I picked this one years ago in a brussels record store, absolutely not introduced to the band, just intrigued by the apparent concept. As unfriendly Stephen Merritt can be, he created a true masterpiece. From one to three minutes length mostly, dozen and dozen melodies with beautiful arrangements, voices, lyrics. Many instruments, many styles. An exciting eclectic collection of postcards.

  7. Jon Lucien - Rashida

    Liner notes from Henry Mancini himself and orchestra conducted by Dave Grusin means more than good signs. Deep baritone voice of Jon Lucien, exploring caribbean music, brazilian music, slow jams and uptempo ballads, in a very natural way that create a feeling of sweet ecstasy paradise. A sophisticated soul must-have, who easily compete with Smokey Robinson and Leroy Hutson's best works.

  8. Kate Bush - Lionheart

    One of my favorite singer so far, maybe #1... She seems to me like a Tinker Bell that leaves her musical paradise of creation and come to us saying: "Hey friends, I made this for you". Her first three records are killing. I remember I spent weeks only listening to the A-side of Lionheart, which was feeding me enough. Then I flipped on the other side...

  9. Tina Brooks - True Blue

    One in a million highly recommandable Blue Note records. Beautiful themes, superb musician (Freddie Hubard, Duke Jordan, Sam Jones, Art Taylor), gorgeous artwork as usual. Unfortunately the only leader effort released during Tina Brook's lifetime.
    In case you enjoy it, don't forget to check Tomasz Stanko "Soul of Things" on ECM Records.

  10. Sun Ra - Lanquidity

    The easiest introduction to a musician with many sides. Melancholic rhodes, groovy rhythms, astral horns... It sounds close to an instrumental hip-hop album, except the last track, trippy as hell. In Sun Ra's discography, "Lanquidity" appears as the missing link between "Cosmos" and "Sleeping Beauty".

  11. Love - Forever Changes

    Everything has been wrote on this classic album. Picked up fifteen years ago at the public library, just curious about the cover album.Wasn't listening to 60s psychedelic stuff at all, but after dozen rotation I fell in love with this record. Could 1967 be better than Love? Magic...

  12. Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai

    Madlib once said he could listen to this album everyday the rest of his life. Except last track that bores me, I'm not far to think exactly the same. This now acclaimed masterpiece of brazilian pop has been reissued many times. Lucky are those who don't know it yet.

  13. The Gun Club - Fire Of Love

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    Haven't find elsewhere in rock music such an emergency feeling. So powerful, like a crash is attending and there will be nothing left. Probably the Jeffrey Lee Pierce way of life. Out of time.

  14. PiL* - Metal Box

    Can't remember who said that compared to PIL, Pistols were vomit. Social impact apart, "Metal Box" is sure more accomplished and sounds like a Joy Division's groovy cousin, mainly because of Jah Wobble atomic basslines. Really impressive and ahead of his time. John Lydon was definitely not a jerk.

  15. ESG - A South Bronx Story

    Best girls band ever. Perfect mix between Chic and Joy Division, disco and cold-wave. Sisters learned music all together, as their mother didn't want them sneaking out in the street. Martin Hannett produced the record, they later opened for The Clash, and the result is more efficient than any Gang Of Four or A Certain Ratio album. Essential.

  16. Steely Dan - Aja

    According to me, as Sade or Jamiroquai's debuts, Steely Dan means perfection. From melodies to musician (Steve Gadd, Chuck Rainey, Larry Carlton, Joe Sample...), everything's at his right place, and the all sound-of-it is crazy. Contains two massives tunes ("Black Cow", "Peg") samples by MF Doom and De La Soul.

  17. Mort Garson - Mother Earth's Plantasia

    The best listening suggestion youtube ever gave to me. This music to make plants grow better is not only a hippie 70s joke, it's first of all a super good trip. Reissued many time including 2017, it's exactly the kind of unique piece of music I'm looking for today. Far way better than many moog album and definitely not to miss. Also perfect for a sunday morning.

  18. Dionne Warwick - The Sensitive Sound Of Dionne Warwick

    Is Dionne Warwick a schlager singer? I use to approve until I understood the word 'epic' was more appropriated. Whitney Houston's aunt were served by Burt Bacharach & Hal David, one of the most talented pop team, as good as Lennon & McCartney in a certain way. Everyone know 'Walk on By', 'Don't Make Me Over' and others. None are on this record but whatever: so many good songs on it. 'Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So', 'Wives & Lovers', "That's Not The Answer' to name a few, are pure jewels.

  19. Pretty Things* - Parachute

    An album recorded by the Beatles between "Revolver" and "Abbey Road", under the name The Pretty Things. Nuff said!

  20. Marcos Valle - Previsão Do Tempo

    Best Marcos Valle's album I heard til now. Some folks prefers "Garra" or his boogie funk period but this one really bring the sunshine. Mellow groovy tracks directly from the swimming pool. All killer, no filler!