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You can only order records from this list by means of: making a donation to our foundation. Please contact Joel van Hemmen for this. Please send Joel a list of items you would like to order and he will provide feedback on the total cost and send you the payment instructions. You can assume that most records are between VG+ and Near Mint, if this deviates, you will hear that prior to payment. We can only accept IBAN/bank transfer. Please note that this is an unique opportunity to acquire great records from a special record collection. We aim to fundraise as much as possible for a extraordinary project so don't expect bottom prices but fair prices for both parties. By ordering from the list you contribute to the realization of this project!

Mail to: [email protected]

In memory of Lady Aida.

  1. The Truper - Volume 1

    1 For Sale from $205.48

    jungle drum 'n