Coloured Vinyl & Picture Discs

By pathfinderpat pathfinderpat
updated 5 days ago

Singles & albums on picture disc, coloured vinyl or shaped vinyl.

I also have 4 different coloured 7" singles by Fox Jaw that have to be added to the database.

  1. Louis XIV - Pledge Of Allegiance

    20 For Sale from $0.94

    Square picture disc.

  2. Split Enz - One Step Ahead

    8 For Sale from $5.00

    Etched vinyl.

  3. CUD - Purple Love Balloon

    38 For Sale from $0.94

    Augergine dome colour vinyl on A side, aubergine slice colour on B side.

  4. The Darling Buds - Crystal Clear

    22 For Sale from $1.25

    (Crystal) Clear vinyl (with glitter!)

  5. Suzy And The Red Stripes - Seaside Woman

    29 For Sale from $1.24

    Yellow vinyl, no sleeve.